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Fantastic little gem that proves that you can still kick ass well under the 20$ mark. Windows Zovni (9329)
Welcome back, Duke! Windows kbmb (399)
A reminder of the first two Duke Nukem games Windows *Katakis* (37896)
Kicks much in the way of ass! Windows Tomer Gabel (4359)
Endearing and truly fun! Windows kevin whatever (3)

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WindowsGame Chronicles
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project doesn’t try to compete with any other game or genre. Even so, it has quickly become one of my favorite games this year, and anyone who loves a good shooter with great graphics, witty dialog, and pulse pounding action needs to check this game out.
WindowsGamereactor (Denmark)
Ingen fornyelse, heldigvis! Vi har at gøre med en kærlig genopdagelse af en genre, der har været på nippet til at blive sovset til med tuttenuttede fantasidyr for de mindste spillere. Ikke mindst den opdaterede næsten-3D-grafik gør, at vi igen sidder klistret til skærmen med en solid portion nostalgi i bagagen. Duke er tilbage - men vi venter nu alligevel på Duke Nukem Forever!!!
WindowsGame Vortex
I would highly suggest that any fan of the series pick up a copy of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project to round out their collection. The refreshing change of pace for Duke is very welcome, and it will not disappoint. Old-timers in the video game world that aren't familiar with Duke's alien-kicking antics will also love the true side-scrolling action in Manhattan Project. As Duke would say, "It's time to kick some ass!"
WindowsGameplay (Benelux)
De gepatenteerde Duke actie is eindelijk terug. Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project weet de honger naar Duke Nukem Forever even te stillen.
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer
Det är innovativt och överraskande och jag gillar det skarpt. Jag erkänner villigt att det inte sätter igång de små grå, men det har ju aldrig plattformsgenren gjort gällande att den ska heller. DNMP är gammalt och modernt på en gång. Och framför allt är det en påminnelse om svunna tider och hur kul det är med enkla men välgjorda spel. Duke är lika homofobisk som alltid och hans grova och enkla attityd passar allt sämre in i dagens samhälle. Det är väl därför som vi garvar så gott åt honom där han står i tron att han är ball. Även om det inte går att komma från att det här är ett enkelt försök från 3D Realms att få oss intresserade av Duke Nukem Forever igen, måste jag erkänna att de har lyckats få till ett kul spel.
In a sea of games teeming with cardboard characters that strive to be more, Duke Nukem is unashamedly one-dimensional. The macho Duke is Al Bundy and Arnold Schwarzenegger rolled into one, puerile and chauvinistic without apology. He gets by on American cowboy shotgun diplomacy, and doesn't try to shoehorn forty seconds of video into his games and call it a story because he knows there isn't one. Duke may be not be a classical hero, but at least he's honest. He's not afraid to make fun of himself and everything about gaming, and his one-liners are better than anything ever mouthed by Arnold. If that's the Duke you know and like, then you'll probably enjoy Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project ist ein gelungenes, kurzweiliges Actionspiel für zwischendurch. Drei bis vier Episoden können hintereinander problemlos gespielt werden, danach wird es ein wenig eintönig und langweilig. Wird das Spiel dann einige Zeit später gestartet, kommt schnell wieder Spielspaß auf. Die Mischung aus knackiger Action und Jump&Run-Elementen verpackt mit coolen Sprüchen und schicker Grafik ist auf jeden Fall bestens geeignet um die Wartezeit auf Duke Nukem Forever zu verkürzen - und zu dem Preis wirklich empfehlenswert!
Spaß, Spaß, Spaß. Manhattan Project macht einfach Spaß! Mag das Spielprinzip noch so simpel sein, es ist kurzweilig und erinnert zudem an alte Zeiten, in denen Jump and Run Shareware der Renner schlechthin war. Wer in Nostalgie ein weiteres Mal mit dem Duke spielen möchte oder einfach nur ein fetziges einfaches Actionspiel sucht, dem sei Manhattan Project wärmstens empfohlen.
Hail to the king, baby! DNMP is a breath of fresh air, if you enjoy side-scrollers you must get this game. At an MRP of $24.95, you have no reason not to pick it up. Now go .. seriously, go!
WindowsGame Over Online
Manhattan Project is very much a direct to DVD release like the home video follow-up sequel to the theatrical Aladdin. In that sense, it's a very good one. The production values are not as sharp but the atmosphere and zeitgeist of the original is maintained. For Duke Nukem fans, here's a rare chance to relive Duke's exploits in the primordial genre he came out of. People who can remember that far back will have fun for an afternoon or two with this game. It's a short ride but as Duke himself says, "it's all bullets, babes and bombs," and no self-respecting Duke Nukem fan could say no to that.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
No, this isn’t the ever elusive Duke Nukem Forever game we’ve all been waiting for, but if you absolutely need a cheap taste of everyone’s favorite ass-kickin’ Bruce Campbell rip-off hero, pick this up when you yet the chance.
WindowsGamereactor (Sweden)
Inga förnyelser, lyckligtvis! Vi har att göra med en åter upprepning av en genre, som har varit på gränsen att bli översvämmad med tuttenuttiga fantasidjur för de minsta spelarna. Inte minst den uppdaterade nästan-3D-grafiken gör att vi återigen sitter som klistrade vid skärmen med en solid portion nostalgi i bagaget. Duke är tillbaka - men nu väntar vi ändå på Duke Nukem Forever!!!
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Klar, Manhattan Project ist nicht das Spiel mit Duke Nukem, auf das wir alle warten. Aber was soll’s: Zwischen den virtuellen Straßenschluchten lauert hier jede Menge Spielspaß und Abwechslung. Sogar die typische Duke-Atmosphäre kommt dank der launigen Helden-Sprüche ganz gut rüber. Es gibt nur wenige Spiele dieser Art auf dem PC – nach Manhattan Project wünsche ich mir, dass sich das wieder ändert.
The game's greatest fault lies with its aging pedigree - 2D platformers went out of fashion for a reason - yet there is definitely enough here to hold the interest for a good few hours. I suppose the best advice I could give is this: if you are a big Duke fan, and found the humour present in previous games to your liking, then you won't go wrong here. If you have bothered to read to the end of this review, then I must infer that this game interests you on some level. I'll say then, that it will hold no surprises. It's exactly how you imagine a modern 2D platformer featuring Duke to be. DN: Manhattan Project is loud, brash and defiantly old school, and if that floats your boat, then what are you waiting for - Duke Nukem Forever?
WindowsUOL Jogos
Se você tem interesse de realizar uma viagem no tempo, "Duke Nukem: Projeto Manhattan" pode ser uma boa compra. A Sunstorm até colocou uma pichação do sprite original do herói na abertura do jogo para os saudosistas! Só não espere um aperitivo de "Duke Nukem Forever".
Endlich - nach knapp sechs Jahren meldet sich der Mega-Macho Duke Nukem wieder zur Monsterjagd zurück! Diesmal verschlägt es den Frauenheld nach Manhattan, nachdem dieses von Riesen-Insekten und Monstern überfallen wurde. Doch kann ein Vertreter des fast ausgestorbenen Arcade-Shooter Genres heute noch überzeugen? Mehr in unserem Review...
WindowsGameguru Mania
To be honest, DNMP seemed to be disappointing for me, but after only five minutes of play I was surprised by how fun this game is! I was unable to stop playing until I had completed all eight episodes, of course with cheats, because my "playing for review time" was limited. But I have plan to play it once again without cheats :) Some people says it's crap but I don't think so. This game rocks! I don't understand why people don't see it my way. I like the idea of going back into the roots of great Duke and doing it with the technology that today offers. The game costs only 25 bucks, go buy it!
"I go where I please! And I please where I go!" This is one of the mottos of everyone's favorite monster-kicking action hero Duke Nukem. Through the years Duke has become increasingly popular thanks to his attitude, charisma, and babe-charming temper. It's been a long time since a game grasped so much diverse qualities. In Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, you'll have it all - non-stop blood-spilling action, sexy babes that need to be rescued, and a slight reminiscence of platform oldies (which has its ups and downs, I guess).
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
ARUSH and Sunstorm give action gamers one hell of a good trip in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. The artificial intelligence should have been better and the lack of good music disappointed me a touch because I am such a chump for good gaming tunes. Yet none of these losses even begin to diminish what is (by all standards) a great game with cool visuals and sound, terrifically fun action and classic Duke Nukem attitude blazing from the gun barrels. Hail to the king, baby.
The big shot in shoot-em-ups, the Duke himself, is back in a new game from 3D Realms and ARUSH Games. The game, unlike Duke Nukem 3D and upcoming (but nobody knows when it will be released) Duke Nukem Forever, is not a first person shooter, but instead draws back to Mr Nukem's roots in the form of a platforming game.
WindowsGame industry News (GiN)
The DUKE is back and in rare form indeed. For any that have played a Duke Nukem game before, this will be familiar territory. For any that have not had the pleasure of meeting Duke yet, do not expect a complex story line and intricate plot - this is Duke Nukem. The guy tells all that will listen that he has the best job in the world. He loves saving the world. It is what he was born for. He also loves big bosomed scantily clad women and plenty of them flock around him yet again (ok so they are strapped with explosives that can turn you into a hideous mutant monster this time, but what the heck they are still scantily clad which is tops on Duke's list).
WindowsPC Zone Benelux
De graphics zijn niet bijzonder, maar voor een game als deze is dat ook niet nodig. Ze zijn verzorgd. The Manhattan Project bewijst eigenlijk dat het allemaal niet zo ingewikkeld hoeft. Je kunt de game bij wijze van spreke spelen tijdens het bekijken van een film. Een game waar je niet bij na hoeft te denken. Hapklare brokken, maar wel vermakelijk - en met een aardig prijskaartje
Manhattan Project is occasionally frustrating, but when it's good, it's very, very good.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Een zeer geslaagde moderne upgrade van het haast vergeten zijwaarts scrollende genre. Voor wie klassiekers als Blackthorne of Flashback het einde vond, of voor wie niet kan wachten op Duke Nukem Forever. Af en toe wat frustrerend, maar meestal heel goed, snel en pretentieloos.
Anyone who is familiar with PC shoot-em-up games has heard the name Duke Nukem. Launched in the early 1990's as a shareware title, Duke Nukem quickly rose to be one of the best side scrolling shooters of the period. Soon after this side scrolling adventure, Duke took part in a first person shooter, one of the most groundbreaking titles released at the time. With his humorous quotes and violent nature, Duke is still one of the best characters ever created for gaming, ever!
It's nice to see a new Duke Nukem on the market. If you've been a long-time fan of the series, go out and buy Duke Nukem: MP today. If you haven't been a huge fan in the past or are new to the name all together, you may want test it out before you buy. If you are looking for a new action, side-scrolling title, look no further than Duke Nukem, you will not be disappointed.
WindowsNext Level Gaming
If phrasing like "hail to the king!" and "Squeal like a pig" sound familiar? Guess what, he is back. The king of smart remarks and catchy one liners is back. Duke Nukem Manhattan Project is our old friend Duke in a new dimension. Instead of 3d realms creating a another 3rd person shooter, a company by the name of Arush has taken the old 3D classic and turned it into to a game very reminisciant of the old SNES's Contra, a left to right shooter. So lets us take a closer look to see what this latest installment has to offer us.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Manhattan Project macht Laune - allerdings nur einen Abend lang, dann hat man allen Schauplätzen einen Besuch abgestattet. Trotz Speicherpunktsystem. Wer alle Geheimverstecke entdecken will, braucht etwas länger, muss sich dafür aber auch länger mit dem nicht immer ganz fairen Leveldesign herumschlagen. Allzu oft fällt der Duke einem Hinterhalt zum Opfer oder stürzt dank der etwas schwammigen Steuerung bei einer Kletterpartie ins Bodenlose. Ansonsten schafft es der Plattformer gekonnt, den Charme der alten Duke-Nukem-Spiele einzufangen. Dukes sarkastische Einzeiler sind genauso wie die vielen versteckten Gags immer wieder für einen Lacher gut, die acht Episoden und ihre Endgegner sind einfallsreich, der rockige Soundtrack treibt die Motivation und - hey - es ist schließlich der Duke.
Mech Morphix and his mutant minions are spreading GLOPP bombs throughout New York City by attaching them to immobilized women who have been well endowed by the almighty and clothed in revealing strings of yarn by their mothers. When detonated, these explosives will release radioactive crap that'll turn living things into really nasty living things. Duke Nukem, the man who brags about having the greatest job in the world, a position he obviously attained with the help of the DeVry institute, has been charged by NYC officials to quell this threat by shooting everything and never uttering more than four to five words in a sentence.
WindowsGamers' Temple, The
Duke Nukem. The name evokes images of a buff action hero, spouting one-liners as he blasts apart mutants and saves scantily-clad women. The all-man action hero now returns for another adventure in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. This incarnation is a bit of a mix of the old and the new. Most recent Duke games have been 3D shooters, but the series has its origin in a side-scroller game. Manhattan Project returns to the original side-scrolling action, but does so with 3D graphics.
WindowsPC Gamer
Duke Nukem’s explosive resurrection comes at a (good) price — $24.99, to be exact. After rapidly descending into an abyss of power-up addiction, gaming’s legendary star has made his way back to the big time. Back to his gaming roots, the man who likes to kick ass and chew bubble gum is still all out of bubble gum.
Ich war doch etwas skeptisch, als ich "Duke Nukem - Manhattan Project" in den Händen hielt. Als ich den Duke dann aber über den Bildschirm springen sah, war ich überrascht. Denn die Programmierer haben die eigentlich veraltete Perspektive so fesch umgesetzt, dass sie gar nicht altbacken rüberkommt. Ansonsten bietet das Spiel solide Action. Kleinere Schlüsselsuchereien und Mini-Rätsel lassen das Ganze nicht zum stupiden Gemetzel verkommen, sondern lockern auf. Mein Fazit: Allen Duke-Fans und Freunden von kurzweiliger Action, bei denen es nicht immer die neueste 3D-Engine sein muss, sei das Spiel empfohlen, zumal der Preis von knapp 30,- € auch durchaus fair ist.
Le succès rencontré par Duke Nukem 3D ferait Presque oublier qu’à la base, le gentil personage central de la série a passé sa prime jeunesse à sauter de plate-forme en plate-forme dans des jeux du même nom (Duke Nukem et Duke Nukem 2). 3D Realms, en attendant que ne sorte enfin, un jour, dans un avenir improbable, Duke Nukem Forever, a décidé d’offrir à nouveau en pâture à ses fans ce bon vieux Duke Nukem. Dans son milieu originel en plus. Mais le fait est que si l’on vous dote d’un corps en 3D, il devient très désagréable de se voir priver de la dimension acquise. Duke Dukem : Manhattan Project sera donc un jeu de plates-formes en 3D.
WindowsG4 TV: The Electric Playground
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is a strange but interesting beast. For one thing, it's a side-scroller when nobody makes side-scrollers for PC anymore. It also uses 3D graphics, although its gameplay is essentially 2D in style. It's a most unusual choice for a game, and somewhat risky to pitch to a PC audience. But after all is done, it's a pleasant little trip.
Un titre à se procurer en connaissance de cause et à éviter si on dispose de chastes oreilles ou qu'on a quelque chose contre les héros bruts de décoffrage et un peu machos sur les bords... C'est du Duke Nukem, c'est certain, on est au courant dès les premières minutes de jeu. Voici un soft qui ne se prend pas au sérieux et qui permet de passer un agréable moment même s'il est loin d'être un hit incontournable. A réserver aux fans de Duke...
If your a Duke Nukem fanatic or just like side scrollers, then you might want to pick this up. But I just don't think there is enough replay value here to keep the everyday normal gamer happy. I would wait till Duke Nukem Forever finally hits the shelves, and take a pass on this retro side scroller.
Even with antiquated graphics and poor audio, the game was really a blast to play. I had a great time while it lasted, although once or twice completing the game is more than enough for anyone. Luckily, 3D Realms is going the cheap route (a la Serious Sam) and the game only costs $25. Was it worth $25? Heck yea. By no means was this a $50 game or even a $40 game. DNMP does what it intended to do, and it did it well. Gamers of old might appreciate this a tad more than newbies into the Duke world; but for the most part both types of players will have the same reaction to the game. Short and sweet. The game is satisfying, especially if you are a die-hard platformer. Those who can't stomach the "Mario-esque" type games will surely want to avoid this one...
Xbox 360ZTGameDomain
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is a decent experience that really should only be played by fans of the franchise. If you jump into this expecting the next Shadow Complex you are going to be disappointed. This is nearly a decade old PC game and it shows, but that doesn't mean you can't still have fun. If you can get past the tedious level goals, archaic visuals and still think Duke's grade school humor is funny, then you will enjoy the game. All others will simply scoff at its ancient design with their snobby noses in the air.
Duke Nukem: MP är definitivt en rolig bekantskap, av flera skäl. Det har högt nostalgivärde, både för att det är ett Dukespel och för att det är ett plattformslir, det är coolt och styrning, grafik och ljud fungerar tillfredställande. På minuskontot finner vi brister i banvariationen, att det inte lär hålla i längden - jag betvivlar att särskilt många känner sug att spela om spelet efter att ha klarat det första gången - och bristen på multiplayer. Att onlinealternativ saknas är logiskt: det kan bara finnas en Duke, men samtidigt förkortar det livslängden högst avsevärt. Summa summarum är Duke Nukem: MP en rolig men sannolikt kortlivad glädjetripp för alla som diggade dess förebilder från det sena åttio- och det tidiga nittiotalet.
WindowsEurogamer.net (UK)
The Manhattan Project is an entertaining if somewhat shallow and overly simplified action game. At times it can prove frustrating, while other sections (including many of the end-of-episode boss encounters) are really too easy. What really spoils the experience though is the poor camera placement, which shows off the 3D graphics to great effect but isn't always particularly playable. At a near budget price it's worth a look if you want some retro side-scrolling action with the benefits of modern technology, but ultimately it falls short of its potential.
WindowsThunderbolt Games
Does anyone actually believe that Duke Nukem Forever is still coming out? Anyone at all? It’s been in development for around 8 years! Since that notorious game is probably never coming out (boy, I’m going to feel like a jackass when it does), fans of Duke have gotten various other incarnations of the wise-crackin, womanizing hero. It’s too bad these games were shoddy third-person romps only available on consoles, and none of these compared to the source material. With Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project the series makes the jump from 2D to 3D back to 2D once again, but how does Duke stack when he plays in the same playground as Mario and Sonic? Now that’s a scary scene that I can’t get out of my head.
Xbox 360TeamXbox
In conclusion Duke Nukem: The Manhatten Project is not an investment worth the $10 asking price. Even for hardcore fans there are too many small issues in the gameplay, control and sound departments that detract from the overall experience. The repeating music and one-liners can be over looked given the source material but repetitive game design and controls that do not give you a full range of motion are deal breakers. Save your Microsoft points for another game or possibly a sale.
WindowsSuper Play
Charmen med Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project är att det har lite av samma känsla som klassiska plattformsspel. Det försöker helt enkelt inte att göra något avancerat, men det behövs inte heller. För det är rätt kul att hoppa omkring och lösa lagom kluriga problem och meja ner elaka rymduslingar. Spelet kommer dessutom att säljas för omkring 250 kronor, och för det priset får man säga att det är helt okej. Däremot håller inte spelet i långa loppet. Det är en lattjo avkoppling när du behöver ett avbrott från mekandet i Neverwinter Nights, men mer än så är det inte.
Xbox 360Extreme Gamer
‘Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project’ is going to appeal to a very niche market of gamers, mainly the ones who have found memories of playing the original Duke games, or even this 2D offshoot. Duke’s personality and comedy was more popular back in the early 90s when Duke and ‘Andrew Dice Clay’ had audiences laughing along with their misogynistic one-liners. In the current market that is overwhelming filled with quality Xbox Live titles, a porting of an average side-scroller doesn’t cut it. Sadly, the rest of audience, the ones who don’t remember Duke Nukem, ‘Manhattan Project’ isn’t worth a look. Simply put, there are better games to invest your prized Microsoft Points with. Sorry Duke, you can’t win them all.
Xbox 360IGN
Maybe if the price was halved I'd feel a little easier about the thought of people buying Manhattan Project, but at its release it’s a rip-off compared what else is on the market. Nostalgic fans will no doubt defend the game, and I wish I could stand right there with you as I have fond memories of Duke from when I was a kid too, but this is one stone of your past that's better left unturned.
Xbox 360Game Revolution
"Listen up, you gamer nerds! If you wanna kick some ass, you gotta do it the Duke Nukem way! Don't like key-cards? Tough shit! Saving the world isn't all fun and games. You gotta get off your ass and turn these freaking pigs into bacon. Mama always said life is like a box of ammo, and if you don't play Manhattan Project, you know what's coming to ya!"
iPhoneGamereactor (Sweden)
Om jag vill så kan jag spendera riktiga pengar på att köpa köttiga vapen med oändliga mängder ammunition, men det vill jag inte. Då delar jag hellre ut en ordentlig spark mot sprickor på väggarna som tenderar att gömma bonusprylar. Helst av allt stänger jag dock av och undviker Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project helt, för även om det finns ett fåtal punkter som fungerar som de ska så är även dessa utdaterade och kantade av ful grafik, olidlig musik, fattiga ljudeffekter och trasig spelkontroll.
Xbox 360Eurogamer.se
Nej, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project känns som en menlös upplevelse och det känns dessutom hopplöst föråldrat. Vi är värda mer än detta i dag.
Xbox 360GameZone
What more can be said about Duke Nukem: The Manhattan Project that needs to be said? Not even nostalgia could have saved it from being a major letdown as almost every area that doesn’t include witty dialogue from our cigar smoking protagonist is atrocious.
Xbox 360Eurogamer.net (UK)
Is it a good port? What's left of 3D Realms has certainly done a serviceable job of bringing one of Duke's more obscure adventures to XBLA, but the art style, character models and environments had the shonkiness of a shareware title at the time, so seeing them run in high definition is hardly going to help. Avoid, avoid, avoid.