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Dune Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Paul Atreides.
Main hall in the palace.
Duke Leto Atreides, your father.
Lady Jessica, your mother.
The ornithopter.
Choose the place where you want to go.
The flight over desert.
Inside a sietch.
Gurney Halleck.
Give orders to Fremen troops.
One of the Fremens.
Duncan Idaho.
The unknown sietch is located by Gurney.
Moving the Prospectors to the next area.
Jessica found a hidden room.
Communication room.
Abandoned harvester.
The Emperor want his Spice.
Waiting for a vision.
The first Spice shipment is ready.
The balcony.
Gurney found a trap.
Thufir Hawat - your Mentat.
The armory.
Your logbook.

DOS version

Title (CD version)
Princess Irulan (played by Virginia Madsen) tells the story during introduction in CD Version
Dune at Night
Intro Sequence
Paul Atreides, the protagonist, in other words: you
Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
The Castle
Audience Room
"Paul, I am your father!" That's right, he really is.
The Porch
Lady Jessica Atreides, your mother
Flying Over the Desert
Change of View
Flying Over the Desert
Gurney Halleck, your friend and teacher
The Map of Dune
The Book of Dune
The Globe
The Book of Dune
Arrakis statistics
The new hope for Arrakis
Raid on a Harkonnen Fort
A Sandworm
riding a Sandworm
Harkonnen Captain
Death in the desert
Liet Kynes - planetary ecologist
Orbital planet view
Jessica's garden
Fremen's sietch
Prison - new mercenaries
Holographic communication
Atreides Palace
Final place to conquer
In front of the mirror in your room is the only place where you can save your game progress
Flying through the canyon, the CD-ROM version includes 3D flying sequence
Use ornithopter to visit Fremen sietches
Talking to Harrah, a Fremen girl
As you get more and more affected by the spice, you'll be able to receive visions

SEGA CD version

Main Title
Duke's weapon master and your mentor, Gurney Halleck, won't much resemble to Patrick Stewart, but will have a strong aura of trust for you.
Talking to your mother, Jessica.
Riding in an ornithopter during the night.
If you don't like the traveling cinematic, you can skip directly to the destination with time moved forward accordingly.
Your father has little time for family matters, so you'll only meet his military character.
In front of your palace. Moving through the game is like jumping from shots to shot like in some 1st-person adventure.
Ingame options, looking a bit different than PC/Amiga floppy version of a game.
All the actions are selectable so you can't miss something in a room. You can either click on the text or on the object/person with same effect.
Looking yourself in the mirror. Tsk tsk tsk, Paul still has human eyes, not much blue in 'em yet.
Getting some Fremen to join your side is a first step towards ridding this planet of Harkonnen menace.