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Dungeon Hack Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
The character creation system is pretty powerful for a dungeon crawl.
The dungeons are as customizable as you can get short of actually placing the walls yourself.
The in-game menu. Here, beside the menu options themselves, you can organize your inventory while safe from monsters.
Fighting a bone naga. Note the mini-automap in the lower left-hand corner.
Casting a fireball. The spell list is grayed out for several seconds before another spell can be cast.
How would you like this character in your Baldur's Gate party! In a solo game like this, multi-classing is highly recommended.
The automap is a very welcome addition to the Eye of the Beholder engine. You can even see monsters in any place you've already explored.
Expect your trophy screen to look similar to this by the end of the 25th level. Amaizingly, some monster types haven't even made an appearance this game!
The Hall of Fame keeps track of how far various adventurers have progressed before being slaughtered. Some people just don't like to save it seems.
The Element Lord, the hardest of the several possible end of game bosses, has a mean left hook.
This enemy doesn't look like much...

PC-98 version

Title screen
Intro; Japanese subtitles and English text & voice acting
Yo dungeon, I'm here to hack you!
Choosing a character
Loading a dungeon
That's an interesting design for a switch
Fighting enemies
Using magic attack (burning hands)