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WindowsZTGameDomain (Mar 28, 2013)
For such a simplistic game, I’m amazed at how deep it can be. Creating a damaging combo made me feel like a puzzle master, and harsh defeat broke my heart every time. I really enjoyed everything about Dungeon Hearts. The game play is tight, the presentation is great and the soundtrack is stellar. I can not recommend this game enough. If you have a PC that can run practically anything, and you enjoy great puzzles games, this needs to be added to your library.
WindowsGamers' Temple, The (2013)
Dungeon Hearts is a fun and challenging puzzle game, but I can see it disappointing gamers looking for more of an RPG element in the game or those who will find that the fate lines move too fast for their tastes. It's certainly the kind of puzzle game you'll come back to now and again, and since it's an indie title on Steam and can be had for a relatively low price, it's easy to recommend adding this to your game library.
WindowsGaming Nexus (May 29, 2013)
As a three dollar game, Dungeon Hearts is easy to recommend. It's the beginning of a very intriguing idea that could be fleshed out into something truly great. Unfortunately, this game stops short of its full potential. It may lack the replay value of Puzzle Quest, but Dungeon Hearts is still a worthwhile variation on the match-three formula.
WindowsDarkstation (Apr 30, 2013)
Overall, Dungeon Hearts is an excellent addition to the genre. Its combo of rpg and match play is really quite fun, especially if you don’t mind spending some time with it. While not the best for a quick pick up and play, there’s enough depth to keep it installed on my machine for a long time.
MacintoshGamingTrend (Apr, 2013)
Long story short, Dungeon Hearts is a viciously difficult match-three puzzle game that loosely resembles RPG battle mechanics. And while it hints at other RPG elements such as questing, leveling up, and story progression, it does not truly offer them in any real way. The battle system is overly complex, the controls are obviously designed for the iPAD, and the inability to save progression greatly diminishes replayability. It is currently being offered for 2.99 on the App Store and STEAM, however it is difficult to recommend this title with so many more polished and cheaper options available. So in the case of this game, the sum is not greater than its parts. You’ll still be having more fun playing Final Fantasy and Bejeweled one game at a time.
WindowsDestructoid (Apr 05, 2013)
Whether you are a fan of fast-paced, challenging puzzle games or an old-school RPG fan, Dungeon Hearts' charm will rub off on you. And if you are a fan of both of those things, you won't even mind its shortcomings, in time.
WindowsRiot Pixels (Apr 26, 2013)
Четвёрка отважных героев, подземелья, чудовища… Думаете, Dungeon Hearts хитро сочетает пазл и “dungeon crawl” на манер Puzzle Quest? Нет, всё это — не более чем обёртка. Разработчики лишь притворяются, будто создали RPG, — эта скоростная головоломка не имеет к ролевому жанру никакого отношения.