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EA Product Catalog Winter 1999/2000 - Windows (Ger):


    Die Helden sind zurückgekehrt und wild entschlossen, Deine Pläne zur Eroberung der Oberwelt zu durchkreuzen. Kann ein Pakt mit dem mächtigen Horny endlich Deine Träume von der Entweihung wahr werden lassen?

    Dungeon Keeper 2 - das teuflische Vergnügen für PC-CD.

    Contributed by Sicarius (61655) on Aug 20, 2006.

EA 2000 Product Catalog:
    If you build it, they will succumb.


    Build a dungeon - Carve out a living, breathing underworld and attract a host of devilish creatures.

    Be the master - Feed, train, and entertain your dungeon's inhabitants, or slap them into submission.

    Monstrous warfare - Send your legions into battle against righteous heroes and unleash devastating magic.

    Wicked Perspective - Reign from high above or control your minions from a first-person viewpoint.

    Bag of tricks - Build traps, research spells, torture prisoners, and deceive your enemies.

    Contributed by Zovni (10648) on Jan 12, 2002.

Unknown Source:
    The Heroes have returned, determined to thwart your plans of reaching their sunlit world. Can a pact with the mighty Horned Reaper finally enable you to realise those dreams of desecration? Only by satisfying the cruel needs of your dungeon minions, while striving to crush the foolish adventurers plundering your domain, will you prove yourself a worthy Keeper.

    Dungeon Keeper’ 2 introduces deliciously wicked new traps and original rooms, inhabited by a bestiary of creatures with unique talents and devastating spells.

    Acquire new abilities by taking first-person control of uniquely-skilled creatures Deploy your minions tactically with an innovative strategic skirmish system Forge a delicate alliance to exploit the might of the temperamental Horned Reaper Firestorm your opponents with the most spectacular battle magic ever conjured Fantastic Dungeon environment with new hardware accelerated engine A devilish host of new Creatures, Rooms, Spells, and Traps Play over the Internet using Bullfrog's Battle Server Wickedly alter skirmish settings to create your own Dungeon experience Set up chain reactions with the new Trigger Trap to ensnare the invading heroes Free Web download support after ship, more Levels, Creatures, Spells & Traps

    Contributed by Tony Van (2855) on Dec 05, 1999.