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Dungeon Master Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Company logo FTL
Title screen
Main menu
Hall of Champions
Character stats
Encountering a mummy
It's time for lunch
Teleporter field

Atari ST version

FTL title screen
Title screen
Dungeon entrance
Credits screen
Picking a character in the Hall of Champions
Viewing the contents of a chest
Viewing a character's statistics and skill levels
Fighting a group of skeletons!

DOS version

Title screen
Dungeon entrance
Viewing a character's stats
View the content of a chest
Mummy Attacks
Fighting a stone golem
Reading a scroll
Fighting the dragon!
I'd like you to meet... Lord Chaos!
Your main source of food
This stone pile will poison you.

FM Towns version

Title screen
Main menu
You wander around and poke things before creating the party
You can resurrect this character
A lonely apple
You can move stuff around the way you like
Character screen. They have to be fed regularly
Uh-oh... the mummy has killed one of my characters
You'll obviously need a key

PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
The beginning: nobody in the party yet...
Character stats
Viewing hero portraits
Yay, an apple!... and... err... S&M paraphernalia?..
This is how you open doors. Clever, huh?
You light a torch. You see a monster behind the door..
...scared, you extinguish the torch. The room fades into darkness...
Use the key on the key slot. Who could've thought
I don't think bread and chicken legs are the best weapons against this guy

SNES version

Title Screen
Entering the dungeon
Into the dungeon