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Dungeon Siege Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu
Intro (1024x786)
Here the game starts
Our once proud farm
You can zoom in very close
The overhead map
Slaying some evil guys
Deep in the woods...
Really impressive graphics
A fight on a bridge... notice the frightening realistic look of the abyss below :)
Another house...
Cool, they didn't forget the Diablo-style barrel-breaking orgys :)
Inside a house
Look, I found a book
Look at those very natural looking environment graphics
Help me! I am being swarmed!
phlux (that's me :) met his maker
Deja vu Diablo? Although different enough in its own right, some things about Dungeon Siege, like its inventory, are truly descended from Blizzard's classic.
Now that's an arch! A long natural stone bridge crosses a misty, forested valley.
Yes, I'm an Ally McBeal fan...why do you ask? In multiplayer mode, you can play a skeleton...and even summon a buddy. Wearing a funny hat is optional.
Bambi and Tinkerbell...I must be in Disneyland. The forests are full of friendly fauna...both factual and fantastical...
Not exactly a snowball fight. From snow to sand, there's no shortage of beasties.
Pretty Colors...
Main menu, Chinese version. No, really!
Character creation, Chinese version. They even dubbed the voices, believe it or not ;)
Kill the bugs!
Archers vs skeleton archers.
Group of zombies attacks
Typical dungeon
character take some arrows in the chest.
Some magic.
Family photo.
Dead enemies drop many items

Official Screenshots

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