The Dungeons of Grimlor II Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game's title screen, it's not on screen for very long
This is the first menu screen in the registered version. It allows the player to start in any of the three episodes.
Having selected a level the player must choose whether to start a new game or load an old one. The tablet on the bottom right confirms the level selected.
This is the start of level 1. Sir Merdimek is in the dark area in the top left
The switch has been activated and the gates are open, Sir Merdimek can now start his quest.
Further on in the maze and another nasty to defeat, this is a gargoyle. There's no way to the path on the bottom of the screen from here. To get there Sir Merdimek has to do a lot more exploring
The river on the left is taking Sir Merdimek to another room. The rivers flow one way, naturally, so he cannot come back this way
Here he's just shot an arrow
This is the map showing how much of level 1 had been explored after about 15 minutes
Can't go that way, the river's flowing towards him
The switch that opens the gates is in the screens central room. Sir Merdimek has to find a way to get there, then get past the boulder, then the ghost, then the skeleton
This wizard raises the dead to become skeleton warriors, better move fast while there's just the two
There goes the wizard in a satisfying flash of magic. Some creatures leave gold behind.
The yellow thing can be pushed through walls to make new doors
This is the save game option
One of the in game help screens
The games objectives summarised by the symbols that represent them, find the keys to open the doors that lead to the Cross of the Lich
This is the start of level 2
The start of level 3, very like level 2 at the beginning. There's a teleport just left of centre, but how to get past those boulders?