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Indiana Jones: DVD Adventure Game Screenshots (DVD Player)

User Screenshots

DVD Player version

The DVD starts with the 'How Many Players?' screen, the introduction sequence follows
This is the main menu, most of the options here explain the game
This screenshot from the 'How Play' section shows the four coloured Indiana Jones movers that could not be scanned in along with the rest of the game's bits 'n bobs
The Game Menu: The items on the left, currently illuminated, are the three relics while on the right are the icons for Combat, Secret Passage and Trap
The player is about to undertake a Trap Challenge
This is an example of a Trap Challenge. If the player matched both they take two Fame & Fortune cards and survive, If they matched one they take one card and survive
One outcome of the Secret Passage Challenge
The Secret Passage Challenge: Here's Indiana showing how it's done. The game abounds with short clips from the early Indiana Jones films relevant to each challenge
A successful Secret Passage Challenge outcome
Yup! This is the Combat Challenge
A combat challenge. In this example the player must beat the score of another player
Winning a Combat Challenge earns points
The three Holy Grail Challenges
Each relic challenge is documented in Indiana's journal and has help on how to play it, this is the second of the Holy Grail challenges
The first sheet of instructions for the mine cart race which is the Stones of Sankara challenge
Playing the mine cart race which is the Stones of Sankara challenge
Having the items needed to enter a relic chamber does not always mean the player will be granted access
The Holy Grail challenge is based on an event in the film 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', the player must navigate a path through the snake covered temple floor