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Pepsi Chart Music Quiz: Play The World's First Pop Music Quiz On DVD Credits


In association withThe Pepsi Chart
Licensed byBroadcast Innovations Ltd.
Images byRex Features Ltd. and Retna

For ZOO Digital Group plc

Executive ProducerBrendan Moffett
Product ManagerEmma Handscombe
ProducerDuncan Lewis
Production TeamMartin Calpin, Chantal Beaumont, Paul Beech, Jim Bailey, Richard Cartwright, Ali Ponton, Paul Salkeld, Julia Sturman

DVD-Extra™ Technical Crew

Technical CrewSteve Porter, Rob Aston, John Stovin, Chris Reilly, Sean Levesley, Gareth Simpson, Richard Knight, Andrew Fox


Packaging DesignBLUEDOOR Associates plc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (155335)