Pepsi Chart Music Quiz: Play The World's First Pop Music Quiz On DVD Screenshots (DVD Player)

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DVD Player version

After the company logos and the licensing information screen comes a fast paced introduction
The main menu
This is the uncredited presenter they chose for a pop quiz aimed at youngsters
The Competition: This is the competition menu
The Competition: This is the first of ten 'Spot The Difference' screens, there are three differences between the pictures.
The Competition: These were the prizes
The Missing Link game: An example screen
Pop Profiles: There are three menu screens like this
Pop Profiles: There are three screens of trivia on each artist
The main game has three variants, all of them play in much the same way and use the same questions
Race To The Top: This is a two player game. Players set the difficulty of their question and then they are asked a three related questions.
Race To The Top: Each question is preceded by a screen something like this. The text is read by the uncredited presenter
Race To The Top: A typical Observation question on the Easy setting
Race To The Top: Players are left in no doubt when they get a question wrong
Race To The Top: When a player gets a question wrong or when they've answered all three sub questions correctly their turn ends
Race To The Top: Some of the questions are very odd
A Guess Who question often involves a picture like this. This came from a 'Top !0 Challenge' game but all games use the same questions
The Pepsi Chart Music Quiz is a 1-4 player game. It uses the same questions as the other game modes. Player/teams have three lives