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Written by  :  Rodney Mayton (19)
Written on  :  Jul 25, 2001
Platform  :  DVD Player

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A totally different experience from the usual video games.

The Good

This is more interactive movie than video game. There is no right and wrong way to proceed, just alternative ways to effect the action. The psychological tests were interesting, and I enjoyed trying different answers to see what effect they would have on the plot. I also enjoyed the adult nature of the story. It is definitely not geared toward a teen audience, as there is brief nudity and an overall mature theme. I also enjoyed being able to relax in my living room, play this on my DVD player, and view it on my big screen TV. It was a unique experience.

The Bad

The save game feature was a bit clumsy.

The Bottom Line

This is an interactive movie for adults. It has an interesting plot that is effected by your answers to multiple choice questions...a sort of psychological profile of the player based on your impressions of art, relationships, and the game's story. It is a unique, slow-paced, intellectual approach to interactive gaming.