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Tiger Woods PGA Tour Credits

31 people (28 developers, 3 thanks)

Little Worlds Studio

Senior ProducerAnh Nguyen
Technical OfficerHugues Tardif
Development OfficerHugues Tardif
Lead ProgrammerPierre-Cédric Thomart
Lead ArtistAlexandre Dien
CEODavid Chomard
Creative DirectorDidier Chanfray
Technical DirectorSébastien Viannay
Artistic DirectorPaul-Henri Michaud
ProgrammerElodie Revel, Morgan Barbe, Raphaël Benedetto, Lionel Chaze
CG ArtistFlorent Fierval, Robin Gagliardi, Aurélie Viannay, Rodolphe Bax, Pa Ming Chiu
CFOVéronique Palmier
AssistantVincent Sicart

Bright Entertainment

ProducerGigi Misra
Executive ProducerLouise Merlin, Dominic Wheatley
Technical ManagerNiall Giggins
Development ManagerNiall Giggins
Quality ControlSarah McManus, Ray Pillai
US PublishingJohn Kavanagh, Mike McGarvey
Publishing DirectorMatthew Tims
CEODominic Wheatley

EA Sports

Thanks toCarter Edgerton, Matthew Copeland, and the team at Electronic Arts

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Alexandre Dien, 9 other games
Louise Merlin, 9 other games
Aurélie Viannay, 9 other games
Pierre-Cédric Thomart, 8 other games
Véronique Palmier, 8 other games
Gigi Misra, 6 other games
Florent Fierval, 5 other games
Ray Pillai, 5 other games
Matthew Tims, 5 other games
Carter Edgerton, 4 other games
Elodie Revel, 4 other games
Robin Gagliardi, 3 other games
Rodolphe Bax, 3 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (178812)