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Dynamite Duke Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Mission 1.
Shoot the soldiers.
A soldier close up.
Keep shooting.
Destroying the base.
Kicking out.
End of mission boss.
Shoot him.
Close up action.
On the streets.
A helicopter gunship.
Be careful with the red ninja
Go Up!
Blue ninja
Shoot the towers

Genesis version

in game
Title screen
Mission 1: Airfield
Starting out.
The first mini-boss.
Time to go mano-a-mano with fists.
I died. Continue?
Got him.
Mission clear
Mission 2: Occupied Town
Starting mission 2
Mission 2's mini-boss has hit me.
I died but didn't continue. Game over.
The high scores

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Mission 1
A bit like a 3rd person Operation Wolf.
Duke enters the air strip.
Crouching soldiers are harder to hit.
Fortification and stronger foes
First boss
Game over
Cheat mode