Dynamite Düx Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
The Story.
Map of stage one.
Using power punch.
Throwing rocks at enemy.
Found a new weapon.
Fire monster boss.
Weird rabbits.
Jump over the ravine.
Firing a homing missile.
Rock monster.
Exiting stage.
Map of stage two.
Stage two starts.
Chinese dragon.
Using flamethrower.
Lightning monster.
Mini game.
Map of stage three.
Walking rock monster.
Using water pistol against fire monster.
Map of stage four.
Walking in the streets of Chicago.
Fight against shooting star.
Map of stage five.
You died.
High scores.

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
The story
High scores
Starting level 1
My enemies are Bullwinkle?
A fiery mini-boss
I like the missile, as it is guided.
Starting level 2
Level 2's mini-boss.
Level 2's end boss.
Starting level 3
I lost my last life but I can enter my initials for high score.
Do I want to continue?

Arcade version

Let's Go.
The Story.
Stage 1.
Kill the enemy.
Weird Enemies.
Bombs Away.
Missile Launcher.
Put out the flames.

Atari ST version

Title screen
High scores
The intro
Map over level one
Just in the beginning of level one
Throwing a rock at some enemies
Skating enemies, a hamburger and bombs
The first boss monster
The door to level two
Map over level two
At the beginning of level two

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Beginning with only your bare hands as a weapon
Throwing stones
The first midboss
The first boss
Stage 2 - throwing bombs at a large enemy
The second midboss. You have to destroy all of his body parts
Using a flame thrower
Stage 3, shooting homing missiles
Another midboss
Stage 4
Mid boss
End boss
Stage 5
Mid boss
End boss
Stage 6
First end boss
Second end boss
You made it!

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen.
Bin and Lucy, his friend.
Oh no, the Terrible Achacha captured Lucy and turned Bin into a blue duck!
Here it all starts...
Oh, food and gifts! What nice enemies I have!
Bin aiming a bazooka agains a bunch of rats.
After using a bazooka, you get an even more powerful weapon, a water gun!
Bin must shoot water against his first boss, a walking flame!
Take care not to fall from this platform.
Your second boss, a bunch of rocks.
You're dead!
Once you defeat the pile of rocks, a door to the next level will open.
There goes Bin to the next level...
Bin throws a bomb on those piggies.
Bin preparing a super punch.
Paraphrasing another "Duke", "that's gonna leave a mark"!
Your third boss, something like a bunch of bowling balls.
Game over.

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays as the game loads
One day Lucy was playing in the garden with her pet, Bin the duck, in a beautiful flower garden. Then suddenly Achacha the great appeared and carried her off
So the duck goes off to rescue his friend
The game menu screen. Keys 1-4 select keys, Kempston, Sinclair or cursors as controller. This game is played using the Kempston joystick option
Start of level 1. Achacha seems like a friendly, tidy, well drawn kind of place. The yellow duck head at the top of the picture indicates progress to the end of the level
The dogs ale not friendly but can be eliminated with a punch. The egg is a weapon to be collected
Dogs score 200 points. Egg weapon collected, 12 shots show in the top right
Not sure what this is but its worth 5000 points
Its not necessary to fight everything in sight, Bin can walk past these cow heads unmolested
This thing is a bomb. When collected it will replace the egg weapon - that will get left behind.
One bomb stops two monkeys at a time and leaves behind a burger, aka health power up.
The ice cream cone things are water jets and they cause damage. So does the cow that's shooting at Bin. A bomb has been dispatched to deal with it
The bomb has been swapped for a gun and there's another bonus box ahead
This is a mistake.Bin walked back over the bomb Bin dropped the gun to pick it up. While BIN gets the bonus the gun will disappear off screen and be lost because Bin cannot go off the left of screen
Ahead is another, different, gun
This is the mid-level boss. It shoots blobs of flaming hair at Bin. Bin cannot go anywhere. This beast must be defeated before he can progress.
Bins new gun is an egg gun that costs energy with every shot
The mid-level boss is almost defeated but not quite, Bin's lost his last life, could this be game over??
The high score table appears
But Bin's not done yet, he's coming back for another go
So with restored health Bin sees off the boss and continues. Shame the point score was reset to zero
Moving on through the remainder of the level, carefully avoiding the hole in the road and squeezing past the obstacles
The beast at the bottom of the screen fires homing missiles, run past him!
The end of level boss. Bin has a gun and 28 shots remaining. Some of the protective circling stones already show signs of damage
When the boss is disposed of a doorway opens up to the next level. Bin walks around it and then enters
Start of level 2. The score does not increase so there's no end of level bonus. The weapons are lost but health is restored and lives are back up to 3
New enemies include mole men and this sausage dog
This is not an alternate path, it's a slippery slope that costs a life. Here it cost, two because Bin re-incarnate on the slope and died again before he could get off it
This end of level boss is tougher, it shoots out stars, and Bin has no weapons
Start of level 3. Trapped in a pit with a few dogs and a bomb thrower off to the right