Earnest Evans Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
The hero
Falling down, falling down...
I'll show you, bad scorpions!
Crouching. Be careful, spikes ahead
Climbing a rope
Hey, that hurts...
No platform game would be complete without self-destructing bridges
Dead, at the bottom of the sea...
Lava. Very dangerous
I really have nothing against big, mean, fire-spitting turtles... In fact, I always loved them!..
Spikes & moving platforms
Train level
Nice to meet you!
Riding a car! Cool!
Assassins are not uncommon here
Beautiful backgrounds, dangerous snakes
Forest level
Thrown out of the swamp
Dangerous stony monsters
Can't see much on that level...
Big, really big guy
Trying to hit an innocent statue

SEGA CD version

Publisher screen
Title screen
Options screen
Your whip is a trusty companion.
Use the whip to lash some enemies.
Climb the ropes.
Meet some bigger skeletons.
Drink the wrong potions and you fall asleep immediately.
Climb walls.
Fight some Bosses.
Travel the world.
Fight worm-like enemies.
Meet another boss.