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Back of Box - Win3.1 (US):

    There's never been a game like it! From storyline to
    computer graphics, this Eastern Mind is sure to blow yours!

    Hailed by the media s the new Myst-like adventure, Eastern Mind brings the mystery of oriental philosophy to western minds in this intriguing adventure. You're searching for your lost soul and must die and be reincarnated nine times in order to find it. With 40 to 50 hours of game play, Eastern Mind immerses you into a deep and fascinating world where you will reach a higher dimension in enlightening entertainment. Straight out of the mind of the award-winning artist and composer, Osamu Sato, Eastern Mind contains some of the most unique graphics and music on CD-Rom.

  • Five reality-altering worlds to explore: The Land of Time, Land of Desire, Land of Dreaming, Land of Life and the Central Mountain of Tong Nou.

  • Totally new story concept based on a religious cosmology of working through multiple incarnations to reach a higher spiritual plane.

  • Some of the most unique, ingenious CD-ROM graphics ever!

  • Soul-searching adventure of epic proportions with a full 40-50 hours of game play!

  • Listen and look carefully - you'll discover unique visual and sound clues where you least expect them.

  • Straight out of the Eastern mind of Osamu Sato, one of Japan's premier computer artists!

  • Special "Transmigration" audio soundtrack included along with a compu-movie, digital portfolio and profile of Osamu Sato.

  • Original screenplay, art direction, story, system design, computer graphics, and music by Osamu Sato.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Oct 15, 2006.