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Critic Reviews

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ZX SpectrumCrash! (Jan, 1991)
A colourful and very playable push for stardom.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Feb, 1991)
It may be a copy of Rainbow Islands but it's a blimmin' good one (not quite as good as the original, but very snazzy nonetheless). I just wish it'd been a bit longer, and a bit more it's own game, but that said it's a nice little thing, and made me come over all happy and warm inside when I played it.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Dec, 1991)
[Budget re-release] Still, it's all time-wastingly playable, with brash and colourful graphics (though disappointingly few sound effects). You might find it a bit short (only three levels, after all) but it's well worth a look. Quack quack quack.
Commodore 64Commodore Format (Sep, 1993)
Personally I'd prefer him with orange sauce and a couple of new potatoes.
Atari STST Format (Feb, 1991)
The game bears an inexplicably uncanny resemblance to Rainbow Islands by Ocean, except that your rainbows are replaced by snowballs. Gameplay, however, is quite good and I can see this appealing to the younger ST user. Let the kids play it before you buy it.
Commodore 64Commodore Format (Apr, 1992)
If you've got a real urge to 'become' your favourite TV duck (as long as it's not Orville), you can indulge for the princely sum of four quid. The game isn't that good, though, so here's a couple of words of warning - be careful.
Commodore 64Commodore Format (Feb, 1991)
Edd the Duck is... all right. It lacks that special something which would set it apart from other platform games, for better or worse.
The game attempts to be Rainbow Islands without the rainbows, and although graphically it's fine (if completely unspectacular), the playability is reduced to singular frustration by the fact that Edd cannot be moved while he's jumping causing many an undignified death. Also, the idea of only temporarily freezing your opponents (rather than blasting them to oblivion) simply doesn't work as they have a tendency to thaw out at just the wrong time (once again resulting in a hideous death). For 25 notes, Edd the Duck is a complete joke - and I'm not laughing.
Commodore 64Computer and Video Games (CVG) (Feb, 1991)
Oh dear. A bit easier than the Amiga game, but just as bad. Why buy a Rainbow Islands clone for a tenner when the real thing's the same price and far superior into the bargain?
Commodore 64Commodore Force (Oct, 1993)
A potentially fun game, Edd's let down by the mischievous mallard's limited jumping ability. Edd the Duck will soon end up gathering dust due to lack of playability.
AmigaAmiga Power (May, 1991)
Your granny might buy you one.
ZX SpectrumComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Feb, 1991)
Urrghh! Jerky scrolling, appalling colour clash and awful playability make Edd the Duck about as inviting as a punch in the family jewels. Avoid.
AmigaAmiga Action (Jun, 1992)
As Rainbow Islands rip-offs go, this must be one of the worst. The limited platform action couldn't interest a half-wit, and I'd be very surprised if anyone plays it for longer than an hour or so.
AmigaPower Play (May, 1991)
In drei grafisch tatsächlich unterscheidbaren Levels sammelt Edd jeweils 20 Sterne und friert mit Schneebällen seine Gegner ein. Die Frostaktion ist nicht weiter schwierig, da das Getier die einprogrammierten Bahnen nie verläßt: Ein Blick genügt und man weiß, wie die Ente zu laufen hat. Es ist kaum zu glauben, was heute alles als Unterhaltungsprogramm angeboten wird: Edd the Duck gewinnt bei mir nicht einmal den Preis für das Listing des Monats.