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Combined User Score 6 2.8

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WindowsChrist Centered Game Reviews (Nov 11, 2012)
If you like the idea of raising kids and building your retirement home, Hearthfire is well worth the $5 asking price. I got at least ten hours of game play out of it. Granted, one of those hours was spent tracking down where my missing housecarl went. Glitches aside, I still had fun with this DLC.
Xbox 360Gaming Nexus (Sep 21, 2012)
Hearthfire is an inexpensive add-on to the critically acclaimed Skyrim, and it provides its value for new and old players alike, but in different ways. The customization options will give characters an even deeper attachment to the game world, and establish a perfect retreat for those who have a hard time keeping track of every arcane enchanter and forge. More customization options would help to set each abode apart from the next, but Hearthfire rewards us with what we all want: more Skyrim.
WindowsGaming Nexus (Sep 21, 2012)
Hearthfire is an inexpensive add-on to the critically acclaimed Skyrim, and it provides its value for new and old players alike, but in different ways. The customization options will give characters an even deeper attachment to the game world, and establish a perfect retreat for those who have a hard time keeping track of every arcane enchanter and forge. More customization options would help to set each abode apart from the next, but Hearthfire rewards us with what we all want: more Skyrim.
Xbox (Sep 05, 2012)
Although it has its glitches, raising a family and pretending to be a domesticated Dragonborn in Hearthfire was terribly fun. This Skyrim DLC offers a lot of opportunity to customize your Tamriel lifestyle and make your character more unique. Without question, I feel like I got more than $5.00 worth of gameplay and don’t regret purchasing the content.
Xbox 360Gamereactor (Finland) (Sep 11, 2012)
Audiovisuaalisesti peli on ennallaan, ja uudet ääninäyttelijät hoitavat työnsä pelin muuhun linjaan sopivasti. Ihan kuin vahingossa matkoilla erehtyy taas tekemään sitä sun tätä pikkuaskaretta, vaikka alun perin tarkoitus oli johonkin muualle matkustaminen. Skyrimissä on aina tekemistä, ja huokeahintainen Hearthfire on oiva tekosyy palata takaisin astialle. On kuitenkin syytä varoittaa, että lisätehtävien aloitusvaikeudet ja tarvikkeiden etsimissavotta saattavat laskea rakennusintoa huomattavasti.
Xbox 360Gamers' Temple, The (Sep 12, 2012)
Hearthfire, though relatively inexpensive, isn't a DLC I can recommend for everyone. More casual Skyrim players (if those exist) may not enjoy the low-key vibe of this new content, and even the most civic-minded player might find the lack of real options in construction too limited to be much fun. There are players out there who will find this new set of options to be the perfect fit in their vision of Skyrim, but more, like myself, will be frustrated by the inability to create torture chambers, fortresses carved into the side of volcanoes and/or an unholy army of the night comprised of adopted, neglected and, most importantly, underfed orphans.
Xbox 360XboxAchievements (Sep 08, 2012)
Hey, it’s 400 points, so it’s hardly going to break the bank. At least you’ll get a pretty house out of it and will have killed a few hours, but I’d much rather have killed a few hours slaying Draugr in one of the hundred dungeons I’ve not been in to already. If you want to see all that the DLC has to offer, why not check out the video of our house above... a house that we ploughed way too much time and gold into, you know, so you don’t have to.
Xbox 360Xboxygen (Sep 11, 2012)
Hearthfire est un DLC à 400 Mpts que l’on qualifiera pour son prix de sympathique. Mais ce qu’il apporte n’est pas indispensable et aurait très bien pu tenir le rôle d’une simple petite mise à jour gratuite. Ce sera à n’en pas douter compris dans le jeu de base du prochain Elder Scrolls. On regretterait presque, les joies de la construction mises à part, les DLC de demeures d’Oblivion, préconstruites certes mais plus originales et disposant chacune d’une mini-quête à mener à bien. La possibilité d’adopter est quand elle totalement anecdotique et rend le mariage disponible dans Skyrim encore plus ridicule qu’il ne l’était avant. Le sexualité est-elle un si grand tabou outre atlantique que l’on ne puisse même plus avoir d’enfant avec un conjoint “légitime” ? On aurait espéré permettre à notre Dovakhin d’avoir une vie familiale normale ou au moins au niveau de ce que propose un Fable.
Xbox (Sep 12, 2012)
I když je mi jasné, že ne každého tento přídavek nadchne, tak je příjemné vidět, že Bethesda s každou novou hrou přináší více obsahu. Tento datadisk je opět krokem vpřed oproti těm z Oblivinu, kde šlo nové domky stáhnout také. Ale každý hezky zaplacený zvlášť a již hotový. Bez jakékoliv interaktivity a herního cíle. Tím, že zde máte všechny nové ubikace v jednom balíčku a ještě se podílíte na jejich vzniku, mi to přijde jako slušný posun kupředu. Datadisk se navíc prodává za lidových 100 Kč, což mi přijde tak akorát.
Xbox 360Worth Playing (Sep 10, 2012)
Hearthfire is an add-on that will be most useful to the first-time Skyrim player. If you're just starting to explore the world now, you're sure to find value in Hearthfire. For everyone else, it's a cosmetic addition that will have little impact on your adventure.
Xbox 360The Escapist (Sep 07, 2012)
Hearthfire does have a couple fun new features to play around with, but home building and child rearing just isn't interactive enough to feel genuinely personal.
Xbox 360Digital Spy (Sep 07, 2012)
Skyrim's second paid add-on sounds great in concept but it ends up being debatable if it's worth paying for. For those who are already done with the game, there's little reason to return. The expansion is just one inconsequential slightly meaty side activity with no interesting new quests or locations. Meanwhile, players who love to role-play may be let down by the slightly restrictive nature of the content. However, at 400 Microsoft Points, Hearthfire is sensibly priced. At its best, it's a neat distraction and a welcome change of pace from all of the slaying and looting.
Xbox 360Official Xbox Magazine (UK) (Sep 06, 2012)
Too much kitchen sink, not enough drama.
Xbox (Sep 06, 2012)
Nonostante la buona idea iniziale, Heartfire delude abbastanza sia dal punto di vista della costruzione della casa sia da quello della gestione della famiglia. Con sufficienti fondi sarà infatti possibile costruire il modello più grande di abitazione in pochi minuti, mortificando in questo modo la fatica e la soddisfazione che si poteva ricavare nel vedere la propria creazione sorgere lentamente sotto i propri occhi. La stessa fretta e superficialità sono state riversate anche nella creazione della nostra famiglia, dove i rapporti col consorte sono rimasti piuttosto impersonali e i figli adottivi dopo poco mostreranno la personalità di un battiscopa. L'unico elemento che lenisce la delusione è il prezzo piuttosto contenuto ed è un peccato, perché dare un risvolto umano al Sangue di Drago sarebbe stato un ulteriore elemento che avrebbe reso ancora più immenso e profondo il capolavoro di Bethesda.
Xbox 360Gamereactor (Denmark) (Sep 11, 2012)
Man kan falde på halen over den billige pris, som cirka svarer til prisen på en pose chips nede hos den lokale kiosk, men ærligt talt, så er indholdet også lidt derefter. På papiret synes udvidelsen som en stor pose godter, men reelt er det meget det samme, hele vejen igennem. Det kan ikke udelukkes, at jeg kommer til at lægge vejen forbi de fine huse i mine næste 161 timer i Skyrim - men at udstikke en klokkeklar købsanbefaling kommer ikke til at ske. Man kan udmærket leve længe og lykkeligt i Skyrim uden at stifte bekendtskab med Hearthfire.
Xbox 360Gamereactor International (Sep 11, 2012)
If you're not still playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, then Hearthfire offers very little reason to return. If you never left the chilly mountainous landscape, and are still enjoying the vibrant world constructed by Bethesda, then this DLC might be worth a punt. Just don't expect to be able to build your home with the same amount of freedom as you enjoy in the rest of the game.
Xbox (UK) (Sep 05, 2012)
Whether you do it yourself or take the short cuts, once the job is done you'll have a house that is far superior to any of the others in the game, and everything you could possibly need will be in one handy location. For the deep role-player, it's an undeniable boon in terms of pure function. You just won't feel any ownership of the places you build, or be able to stamp your identity on your new virtual home, leaving it feeling like a shallow and perfunctory process. Despite the rugged, rough-hewn aesthetic of Skyrim, Hearthfire ultimately offers all the character and personality of an Ikea cupboard.
Xbox 360Game Critics (Nov 18, 2012)
For players who have always wanted a virtual family and luxurious estate in the land of Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim—Hearthfire provides a suitable solution. For other players, Hearthfire can easily devolve into the video game adaptation of the 1986 Tom Hanks movie The Money Pit.
Xbox (Sep 12, 2012)
Hearthfire tillför ändå något. Det hus du bygger själv är trots allt bättre än de som redan finns i Skyrim. Saknar du ett ordentligt rum att ställa ut dina favoritsvärd i är det kanske trots allt ett okej inköp. Tyvärr drar bristen på valfrihet och ett alltför omständligt byggsystem ner intrycket rejält. Den förmildrande omständigheten i sammanhanget är ändå prislappen. 400 Microsoft-poäng är en tillräckligt låg summa för att bristerna nästan går att ha överseende med.
Xbox (Sep 07, 2012)
To me, Hearthfire feels more like Bethesda testing the waters for a deeper, more engaging home-crafting component in one of their future games, but for your 400 Microsoft Points you end up with what is easily the best house available in the game and the most conveniently accessible for dropping off your vast swathes of trinkets. But even though it's been crafted piece-by-piece, Hearthfire's land never feels like it's truly yours, and the rigidity of the process robs it of any potential satisfaction. Despite the whopping size of your new stately mansions, Hearthfire feels cold and empty.
Xbox 360Gamekult (Sep 10, 2012)
Construction et adoption gadget, nouvelles ressources sans utilités pour le reste du jeu, à qui s’adresse donc ce DLC au final ? Si on est loin du Sim Skyrim craint par certains, il n’intéressera sans doute pas grand-monde. Les amateurs de roleplay trouveront de quoi épaissir un peu leur univers, c’est certain, même si c’est toujours au prix des limites techniques du jeu et des barrières made in Bethesda. Les autres, la majorité sans doute, et notamment les joueurs PC quand il arrivera chez eux, pourront largement se passer de ce DLC pas honteux mais totalement inutile.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Sep, 2012)
Alles, nun ja, nett, aber auch mit einschläferndem An-der-Werkbank-Herumstehen und endloser Schnellreiserei samt Ladezeiten verbunden. Zum Pflicht-DLC avanciert Hearthfire folglich nicht, zumal’s inzwischen haufenweise kostenlose Häuser-Mods gibt.