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Advertising Blurbs

Google Play description:
    Remake of ZX Spectrum game from 1983 by Nigel Alderton.
    *** Updated with new controls option, and on-screen control indicators ***

    Run around the platforms and ladders and collect the eggs to complete the level.
    Collect corn for points and to stop the timer.
    Avoid the ostriches.
    When the duck gets out of the cage, there will be trouble!

    Default Control method:
    Tilt to move player left and right.
    Tap right edge of screen to jump.
    Tap upper left edge of screen to climb up ladder.
    Tap lower left edge of screen to climb down ladder.

    Optional Control method:
    Left quarter of screen = left
    Left middle quarter of screen = right
    Upper right portion of screen = climb up ladder
    Middle right portion of screen = jump
    Lower right portion of screen = climb down ladder

    Press up/down as you run/jump/fall past a ladder to grab it and start climbing.
    Tilt left/right as you climb past a platform to run off the ladder.
    New to this release is air control when falling - use this to your advantage.
    No air control when jumping.
    Bouncing off platforms and screen edges prevents air control.

    All new graphics.
    All new music and sounds.
    Classic gameplay, updated for new controls.

    Retro ZX Spectrum Platforms Ladders Jumping

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22240) on Dec 27, 2013.

Back of P 'n C release - ZX Spectrum (UK):

    This eggcellent game is guaranteed to be salmonella free on your machines. It will give hours of entertainment no matter how many times you unwrap the cassette and sample the goodies it will neither make you fat nor rot your teeth!

    Contributed by piltdown_man (190740) on Aug 31, 2010.