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In Elements of Destruction the player can unleash the most volatile forces on Earth such as tornadoes, lightning storms, ice storms, earthquakes and meteor storms, wreaking havoc on unsuspecting cities and causing massive amounts of damage and creating complete and utter chaos.

The story tells of a TV weatherman by the name of Marty Storm who is fired from his job for reporting the truth about bad weather conditions instead of lying about good weather conditions in which the station's producer hopes will result in better ratings. Afterwards he vows revenge as his former co-workers ridicule him, unknown to them however, Marty Storm is also a part-time mad scientist that has created a device that can create disasters at will. With this device, Storm goes on a quest to bring the city and his former co-workers to their knees. The gameplay is divided into three weeks (levels) which have seven days, each with their own set of goals. Some consist of causing a set amount of damage, others consist of destroying a certain percentage of building while others consist of destroying certain buildings. These objectives must be done within a certain time limit.

To conjure these storms a menu is on the right side of the bottom screen which has a list of disasters available (some are only available on certain days). After selecting their disaster they use the stylus pen to create a path of destruction for the tornadoes and storms or pick a certain point for either the earthquake or meteors. For the storms and tornadoes, players can click onto them with the stylus and continue to change their path until the run out. Additionally, the player must have a certain amount of energy to be able to select them which regenerates over time or can be obtained by destroying buildings. To help the player, a mini-map is also located at the top of the screen which shows locations of buildings, which types of buildings they are and the buildings health status.

Each storm also has their own special attacks which are only available after they reach a level three later into the game and can be accessed by clicking an icon above the disaster. The tornado becomes much more powerful and has the ability to cause more damage. The lightning storm can cause fires to buildings which the player can then blow into the DS' microphone to fan the flames and spread them. The ice storm causes a blizzard which will weaken buildings for other storms. The earthquake will become more powerful when the player continually taps the center of the earthquake with the meteor storm has the same effect.

However there are attempts to halt the players progress which certain buildings that can instantly stop the players selected disaster. A tornado trapper can suck up a tornado while a cloud cruncher takes out lightning and ice storms. The seismic nullifer prevents earthquakes while the meteor shield keeps meteors from destroying buildings and the weather sucker stops both tornadoes and storms. The storm free zone building prevents any disaster from being performed around it and a weather repeller bounces storms and tornadoes off of them. There are also two types of drones that come in from time to time: a repairing drone will fly around and repair a building while a rebuilding drone will instantly bring a building back without any time to rebuild it. The player can use the lightning storm to hover above these drones and destroy them.

Power-ups are also scattered throughout the level which will upgrade their storm or disaster to the next level for a brief amount of time. To use these power-ups, the player must have their storm or disaster consume them, however the color much match the disaster that is being used, otherwise the power-up will have no effect.

There are also multiplayer modes that support up to three different players. A race mode lets players complete a certain set of objectives given to them with the winner being the first player to complete them. There is also a Tug-of-War where the main objective is to either have the largest amount of destruction monetary wise or through a certain percentage.


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A nice concept, but falls short. Big John WV (27209) 3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars

Critic Reviews Feb 27, 2008 4 out of 5 80
Atomic Gamer Jan 21, 2008 74 out of 100 74
IGN Jan 10, 2008 7 out of 10 70


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