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Elf Bowling 1&2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Choose which game to play.
Starting a game of Elf Bowling.
Starting a game of Elves in Paradise. Select one or two player.
Starting a game of Elves in Paradise. Round 1.

Nintendo DS version

The unspeakably ugly title screen
Game selection menu. Once a game is selected, there is no way back short of resetting the system.
Hurling a 16 lb ball into some elves.
Yeah... if you can stop the arrow in that spot every time - it's an instant strike. And believe me - it's not hard to do.
Elf Bowling 2 - Elves in Paradise is slightly more robust of a game than EB1, but it's still far from anything worth $20.
Tossing your Elf down the deck...
Hurling an elf too hard will result in him going overboard and becoming shark chum.
Some elves perform amusing animations before being hurled.