ElfLand Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Start screen / credits
Start menu
Introductory dialogue
Meeting the Elf elder at the top of the village's tallest tree
Elfina vs. a big black spring.
A dungeon entrance beckons. Irresistable...
Dang, it's dark in that dungeon!
Relying on friendly turtles and jellyfish to cross bodies of water
So the plot doesn't offer us many choices...
One bribe later -- we're in!
Climbing up Gorgimer's tower...
Banished to his basement to find an old knick-knack!

Windows version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Exploring the grasslands west of the elf village.
Highscore table.
These birds will attack you until stunned with a flash berry.
A request from a villager, a very mild mini-quest.
Plenty of hills to climb in this game.
The clouds can be used to jump up to hidden items.