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Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Horrorsoft logo
Title screen
Character type selection
Elvira's telepathic message
Messy room
Blood-stained door
Computer desk and gate control
Elvira's room. It's a mess.
A huge hand is trying to grab me.
Every time you die, you will be shown an image of yourself, depicting how you died. This is one of the least gory ones.
Fighting a witch. Combat is very simple, just point and click at the area you want to attack, and hope you get lucky. I will aim for her eye.
Take that, you ugly old crone!
Most of the game takes place in these three movie-studios.You will have to visit the insect-infested spider-tunnels, a haunted house, and a graveyard, with catacombs underneath a church.
In the spider-tunnels, you will encounter many disgusting creatures.
A face only a mother could love...
I hate mosquitoes.
My nightmare has come true...
You will gain experience during the game, for example when you kill something, like this worm. When you gain a new level, your attributes will increase.
The haunted house movie-studio. Oooh, spooky...
Inside the haunted house. This studio has a lot of difficult puzzles to solve. Usually with the use of items you have picked up, or with spells.
Using alcohol to create a courage-spell. Makes sense...
Exploring a room in the haunted house...
Aha! A button hidden under the bed. I wonder what it does...
Everybody is out to kill you, like this ghoul for example.
I think this vampire-lady likes me...
Approaching the church in the third studio.
Inside the church. There's an entrance to the catacombs here, but it's hidden...
Two lovely ladies in a crypt.
Down in the skeleton-filled catacombs. It's a huge labyrinth, with many deadly traps. You'll need to draw a map, otherwise you'll get hopelessly lost.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Elvira in all her beauty
Break the window and open the door
I don't like it at all...
Something caught my attention

Commodore 64 version

Yay, it's Elvira - to the rescue-mobile, let's go!
The C64 Flair version disk multi-load is enough to drive one round the bend.
Arriving at Black Widow Productions...
...although if you knew what was coming you'd turn around and leave. Also a rock is here.
This poor guys been too long in the closet.
A dead guy? Let's take his stuff.
Selecting and mixing spells.
The foyer. It's all very pretty but there's nothing to do.
The haunted mansion studio.
Leaving the mansion is probably a life extending choice.
Who's for dinner?
Just another corpse-less head.
A child's room, complete with a ball.
Thrown in the freezer with a bunch of bodies. That's what fainting'll get you.
Death in a church. Better have some potent spells ready.
I could think of a dozen ways of getting that key out of the fish-tank without putting my hand in.
This is gonna end badly - may as well enjoy the ride.
Another vampire.
A bathroom. With a sponge. The sponge is important. Really.
In the kitchen...
... fulfilling all your ironware needs.
Nothing that a bit of 'turn undead' won't solve
This used to be the lab assistant. He's not going to be much assistance now.
The lab, complete with it's own mad doctor.
The elevator. Source of much pointless clicking and loading.
The boiler room. The caretaker seems to really like it down here.
That's a lot of doors. And even more loading.
I *need* that eyeball. Why can I not pickup the witches eyeball!
Caffeteria. Has sugar.
Computer room. Has floppy disks.
Elvira's room. Hopefully that's a red carpet and not pools of gore.
The directors room. He drinks. A lot.
Just your average haunted bedroom.

DOS version

I don't usually do shots of corporate logos, but... look! The game is so scary the "presents" is /bleeding/!
Horrorsoft's logo, also, never looked, uh, cheesecakier.
Title screen
Character selection
Starting location
Mystical contact from our damsel in distress
A quiet enough night out here...
Peering in the window of the security booth, looking at our vital statistics.
Looks like some horrific business is afoot here! I wonder what's in the closet?
Oh, just another one of those...
Winning the game will involve mastering an array of spells.
Scrutinizing the security cameras.
Elvira has so much attitude, even her car is sassy and disrespectful!
The game is set on a B-movie studio lot, strewn with goofy paraphernalia for atmosphere.