Emberwind Screenshots

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Windows version

Main menu
Introduction sequence with Kindle and Wick
These lights also serve as checkpoints.
To the right is one of the skill books, they can only be found in the first five stages.
Often only small parts of the screen are lit.
Some villagers have been saved, grab the rewards.
Fireworks damages all enemies on the screen. Above is one of the rare fairy stones.
The wishing well provides lots of jewels.
Using a whirlwind attack along with fireballs from Burnie, the red brownie.
Light the fireplace and all gremlins will vanish right away.
Level introduction
When hiding Kindle is almost invincible.
Boss fight with Candlefinger
You better dodge this.
Level statistics
Kindle arrives on the back of Wick.
The sleep attack provided by Nod, the blue brownie, is very helpful when there are many enemies.
Enemies often will keep respawning until you destroy the barrel they originate from. Afterwards, you can collect this staff.
Watch out or it will crush you and deplete all health immediately.
Disabling the cannon
There is an entrance to the right.
These cannons keep pestering you a lot.
Fire rains down from the sky.
Bonus stage on the back of Wick
A different level theme with rich, autumn colours
Destroy the barrel or the enemies will just keep coming.
Fighting underwater
Use the cannon ball move to get around more quickly.
The fire attack is incredibly powerful.
Make sure to collect as many items as possible, you'll need the extra life points.
You can hardly see the treasure chest behind the enemies.
Level selection/progress screen
Further in the game enemies will start attacking from all sides, deflect your attacks, and use ranged weapons.
Moving over the roofs
Almost all homes have been saved.
Guess where I am.
Toss, the green brownie, launches small tornadoes that juggle opponents in the air.
Moving up an elevator
Breaking through a wooden gate
When completely surrounded, it's time to build up a chain attack.