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Emerald Dragon Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
This beautiful graphical style of the intro is unique to FM Towns version
Introducing the dragon clan
The little Tamryn is found
Tamryn and Atrushan grow up together
Tamryn departs to the world of humans...
Atrushan starts in human form
Status screen
Atruhan fights some surprisingly strong creatures in a forest
Exploring a dungeon with a semi-side-scrolling view
Assigning commands in battle
This place is... weird
One of the many houses in the game
Visiting a bar
Note the realistic animation!
Town exploration
Let's show those pesky dudes!
Hmm, I wonder if I'm lost?..
Dramatic cutscenes have such portraits
Boss battle against Ostracon
Mysterious temple
This is a really big treasure chest...
Boss battle against a rather out-of-place character...
Oasis in a desert
Using a ranged spell in battle
Warp points. Great
Very high-level enemies

PC-88 version

Title screen
The dragons find baby Tamryn...
The cute young Atrushan
Atrushan and Tamryn grow up together...
...and their relationship matures as well
Starting location
Status screen
Battle against a low-level enemy
Dialogue windows with a portrait
Tamryn casts a powerful spell in a battle
High-level dungeon

PC-98 version

Title screen
History of the dragons
Found the little Tamryn
How cute, little Atrushan!
The friendship between the dragon and the girl is described in several pictures, but it's very emotional. This game is just outstanding
Let's go find Tamryn, Atrushan!
Fighting multiple enemies
Out of the cave, into the weird yellow area...
Cool purple forest
Character menu
Wow, that's a lot of.... jars
This corridor will just never end...
Some important characters have those cool portraits. Back in 1989 - very impressive
Nice house! Enjoying the view
Talking to a princess
Finally found that house...
Hit the enemy! Nice damage there
It's easy to get lost
Large-scale battle in a dungeon
Let Tamryn do the talking
Fighting two guards. They are tough little fellows
Prison dungeon. Really nice graphics
Palace area
The menu even contains descriptions of items

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
The intro is the same as in the FM Towns version, only there it's voiced, here you have to read the text
On this ship wreck dragons find a little girl named Tamryn
The blue dragon's name is Atrushan
Atrushan and Tamryn become friends
Bad guys
Start of the game
Random battle
One of the bosses

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Intro. All the anime-style cut scenes are exclusive to Turbo CD version. And they are awesome
Our hero, Atrushan, in human form
So cute! Atrushan as a little dragon
Tamryn, the human baby girl, is found by a dragon
The two heroes during a cut scene: Atrushan (in his dragon form) and Tamryn
Atrushan arrives at the city
Buying some weapons
Equipment screen
Nice painting there!
There is no world map in the game, but a continuous world, like in Ultima VI
Battle! Note the original battle system. Every action (moving or attacking) depletes your points, so plan wisely!
Is something hidden in this temple?
Gimme a mug o' beer!
Dialogue choices in a Japanese RPG! Sacrilege!!
Atrushan can talk to other party members (or himself) at any time
Exploring a dungeon
It's much better with Barsom in my party! Let's take care of 'em zombies!
Atrushan in prison