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Empire Earth Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu.
Snapshots from world history: the Antique...
...Renaissance knights...
...a World War One camp...
...and the war machines of the future.
Battle tactics throughout time: Medieval knights and catapults...
...gunpowder smoke over a battlefield in the industrial era...
...tanks and bombers in the 20th century...
...and hover helicopters attack a nano age settlement.
The development of marine warfare: from early rafts... galleys and frigates... full-fledged battleship warfare.
Text briefings explain the campaign mission.
Earn and spend civilization points.
The scenario editor lets you create your own maps and missions.
Heavy artillery bombardment destroys a French camp.
What a humiliation for the British: Buckingham palace under attack!
Airplanes battle it out above the German army.
Prophets can summon disasters like this volcano.
Nice pre-battle panorama.
An Atomic bombing, with mushroom cloud.
Campaign menu: 4 to choose from (+ tutorial)
Each campaign means 6-8 missions
The FMV intro takes us through historical periods... modern times...
...and beyond!