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Enchanter Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Beginning a new game.
Title screen / Starting location
Let's go to the west...

Amstrad CPC version

Opening screen
Title and starting location
Found a spell scroll. Background/text colour is customizable with the CP/M palette command before you start the game.

Amstrad PCW version

Opening situation
First screen. I should really start drawing a map.

Apple II version

Starting location

Atari 8-bit version

Starting location
Starting equipment, not least of which is the contents of your magical spellbook
Gathering refuse and encountering the thirst daemon
The plot thickens!
Now the hunger daemon and the sleep daemon demand attention
Death is not the end!

Atari ST version

Starting location

Commodore 64 version

You're at the starting location and not a pretty sight.
Using the "Gnusto"-spell to inscribe another spell into your spell book
Looking at a portrait of the Wizard of Frobozz
The "Niftol"-spell enables you to speak with animals

DOS version

opening screen
Haven't we forgotten anything?
Got a new spell from that old crone...
... and applying it a few turns later to get into Krill's castle.
It is pitch black. You are likely to be... hey, wait a minute, is this really an Infocom adventure?
Memories of Zork I. Now, where's the thief?
That guy seems strangely familiar...
Talking with some frogs.
An impressive door. Our trusty rezrov is too weak here...
Sweet dreams.
Getting through the infernal machine room is easy...
... getting back, however, ain't. Luckily, you're resurrected and can try again.
Hello, turtle!
Nah, this only works in Zork III...
Not every spell can be gnusto'ed into your spell book. This one is useless, but fun.
That adventurer is pretty strange...
Oh no, I've been captured!
Don't try this at home, kids.
A strange maze of translucent rooms...

Macintosh version

Outside of Shack
Inside Shack
Trail Head
Shady Brook
Eastern Fork
Village Outskirts
Game save

PC Booter version

Boot fail without write protect off
Opening Screen (Release 10)
Opening Screen (Release 16)

TRS-80 version

Opening narrative
Continue opening narrative
Long road
Outside of Shack
Inside Shack
Encounter a dog
Save game - 26 moves

TRS-80 CoCo version

The first screen of the introduction
More of the introduction and title
Exploring the area