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Escape Velocity Nova Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The closest thing to a box shot that's possible (note the resolution - a mistake in my review).
Introduction Story
Choose your pilot and jump in the cockpit.
Earth, circa very far in the future
Perusing the available ships on a given day on Earth.
Each ship features different stats, both as a ship class and individually. Some ships can be purchased in better condition than others of the same kind.
The ship outfitter (different outfits are available from different planets).
The Vell-Os, one of the more enigmatic factions in the game.
The Feds don't take kindly to their hated enemy suddenly appearing in Earth's system.
A planet interface and description (there's a description for every port that you can land in).
A Busy System, with a Fed, a Pirate, and a Gigaton EMP weapon detonating, among other things..
Escorts can make all the difference...
Missiles, blaster fire, and two Federation light ships finishing a strafing run on a pirate.
Pirates aren't the only ones attracting the ire of the Federation - note the Rebels in green.
The in-depth missions advance the story like this, although this is one of the minor plotlines.
Firefights can break out between otherwise peaceful ships
In the bar, players can gamble by betting on spaceship races. A short quicktime movie shows which ship crosses the finish line
Hyperspace Navigation Map, which can be filled through exploration or the purchase of maps
Disabling a ship allows players to dock and plunder it. But watch out for booby traps!