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SEGA CDSega Magazine (UK) (Feb, 1995)
In terms of gameplay, this offers few new features, but if you're dying to get a baseball sim, then this is probably the best of what's on offer. But if you're not a fan in the first place you'll probably find it quite dull - after all it is just glorified rounders.
Amazing presentation, featuring real footage and commentary from proper big matches, marks this above the pack. The graphics and gameplay are also both superior for the genre, which should please the baseball fans out there. Easily the best baseball title around.
SNESPlay Time (Nov, 1994)
28 US-Teams am Start, auf Originalnamen wurde verzichtet. Das Spielfeld seht Ihr aus der Sicht des Schlagmannes in einer Art 3D-Perspektive, was erfolgreiche Aktionen der Fänger zum Glücksspiel werden läßt. Pitcher und Batter sind gut animiert, doch damit kann auch die Konkurrenz aufwarten.
Baseball Tonight is a very basic baseball game with some nifty animation and ESPN personality (Patrick's "The Whiff" strikeout call always brings a smile to my face!). The computer plays a tough game and offers plenty of challenge, but too many features have been left out for this cart to be a serious pennant contender.
GenesisGamePro (US) (Jun, 1994)
Casual players and Chris Berman fans will get mild enjoyment, but you'll end up just watching the TV show.
SNESGame Players (May, 1994)
The Baseball Tonight theme music, sampled voices, and rotoscoped graphics give this game a great first impression, but once you sit down for a session or two, you'll probably find that it just doesn't play up to your expectations.
SEGA CDSega Power (Mar, 1995)
If you've got a Mega CD and you want a baseball game, this is fine. If you haven't and you don't, turn the page.
SEGA CDMEGA (Feb, 1995)
A CD game easily battered by cartridge games over a year old. Forget it.
60 (Feb 04, 2014)
Suffice to say, the game doesn’t do much. What it does do, however, is provide a solid baseball playing experience. While playing with the CPU may not lead to nail biting classics, playing with a buddy leads to some really fun contests. Some cool visuals and tight controls make this one worth playing for any baseball fan. While it’s not the best baseball title on the Genesis, it’s a fun and cheap title for any sports fan.
SNESGamePro (US) (Jul, 1994)
This game has the overall look and feel of an ESPN Baseball Tonight broadcast, but the highlights that made ESPN famous were left out. If you want a better SNES baseball game, buy Ken Griffey Jr. Presents.
SNESVideo Games (Nov, 1994)
Wieder einmal stehen bei einem Sportspiel die Lizenzgebühren im Vordergrund. Klar, es ist richtig, daß mit authentischen Team- und Spielernamen die optimale Stimmung für eine Baseballsaison geschaffen wird, aber damit ist es noch lange nicht getan. Was mir an einer so komplexen Spielart wie Baseball am wichtigsten erscheint, ist nach wie vor die Steuerung. Im Abwehrspiel ist es fast unmöglich die Feldverteidiger vernünftig an den Ball zu bringen. Die Perspektive ist viel zu flach, die Spieler-Sprites zu klein geraten, so daß der Überblick bei dem kurz bemessenen Spielfeldausschnitt zu leicht verlorengeht. Hier empfiehlt es sich unbedingt, die Verteidiger auf Automatik zu stellen. Und den hochgepriesenen ESPN-Kommentator hört man während des Spieles eigentlich nur alle 10 Minuten. Hartgesottene Baseball-Fans sollten sich lieber Ken Griffey Baseball oder Hard Ball III unter den Nagel reißen.
SNESTotal! (Germany) (Nov, 1994)
Leider erreichen die lieblosen Soundeffekte sowie die Spielbarkeit diesen hohen Level nicht, da sich das Game längst nicht so flüssig spielt, wie beispielsweise „Ken Griffy jr. Major League Baseball“. Demgegenüber fehlen zudem Ligamodus und ein interessantes Drumherum, wie Spielerportraits oder Stärkenvergleich der Teams jedem Match.
SEGA CDGames World: The Magazine (Mar, 1995)
This simulation on CD adds little that the cart versions didn't have which is a shame because it needed a big boost to make it even half decent. Don't even give it a second look.
ESPN BASEBALL TONIGHT is statistically more sound than its competition, but it is definitely not an action game. As a result, the flaws and bugs in the computer's AI stand out much more. This game is an upgrade away from making it to the big leagues.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Apr 14, 2001)
The pitching is impressive, but the fielders are pretty stiff, and it's hard to react to balls hit down the line. Despite these problems, ESPN Baseball is still playable. It has all the major league teams and players, but is sorely lacking the stadiums, which is a big deal in my book. In the end, ESPN Baseball Tonight only amounts to another long fly ball.
DOSBaseball Analytics (Oct 17, 2021)
Although it was derived from the fine Tony La Russa Baseball series, ESPN Baseball Tonight is not intended for serious simmers. Only recommended for a quick fix of nostalgia from the classic intro theme music to Dan Patrick’s dry delivery.
DOSEntertainment Weekly (Feb 17, 1995)
Finally, it plunks you down into the shoddiest baseball simulation I've seen, with pixelated generic-looking players; awkward, superfluous voice commentary; and a static interface that makes live baseball seem like the invasion of Normandy. Sheer incompetence aside, the most astonishing thing about ESPN Baseball is that, if you choose all of its installation options, the game dumps a whopping 50 megabytes of data onto your hard drive. It's like having an overweight, overpaid, over-the-hill designated hitter take up residence on your living- room couch.