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This was one of three games released as a tie-in to the 20th anniversary re-release in theaters of the movie E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. As the title suggests this is an action game, though of course with E.T. as the protagonist, it is a bloodless one.

The story here follows E.T. as he is returning home in his spaceship, and makes stopovers on several planets to pick rare and exotic plant specimens, with the ultimate goal to save the universe through this action. Some of the plants are dying and need healing, saving enough (20 pcs) plants also gives an extra life to E.T. He can also pick up and carry smaller items, like keys, one at a time. Being an action game, E.T. has the ability to run when needed.

E.T. will meet other aliens, the native inhabitants of the planets he visits, who are opposed to his collecting of their endangered species, but E.T. has special powers to help him: Telekinesis to move blocking objects, Healing power to resurrect the dying plants, a 'Heart Stun' that stops opponents in their tracks - and he can also get a health item from weaker creatures with this method.

Contributed by Rwolf (16019) on Oct 24, 2017.

E.T., finally having left Earth, has been tasked with retrieving rare species of plants across five planets. E.T. has several abilities to help him out, including healing, which can restore life to plants, telekinesis, which can move inaccessible objects, and heart stun, which can knock out enemies.

In each level, you will explore and collect all the plants, while avoiding or knocking out enemies. Some areas may be locked behind barriers which require switches to be pressed, or objects to be moved. Once all plants are collected, head to the exit.

Contributed by qwertyuiop (33315) on Jan 02, 2010.