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WindowsGame Vortex (2009)
What can I say? A good game made better. I know this is always the goal of an expansion, but not always the effect. If you were on the fence about playing this game before, then this expansion should bring you down. This is still a very intense game. There are no light and fluffy bits. I urge everyone to look at what they have done, but also caution them that this is a hearty game. Be prepared to learn still. You will not be able to help it. See what you can remake of history.
WindowsBoomtown (Dec 19, 2008)
As far as an expansion goes, it has to be said, that this felt a little light weight. That is not to say that what has been added aren’t welcome and worthwhile additions to the overall experience but I did expect there to be a little more. That being the case there are two distinct markets for this; those already playing EU: Rome and looking to enhance that experience. With the lightweight price tag, small size and convenient distribution system I would suspect there are few in that category that waited for the reviews before getting at a copy of this.
WindowsIGN (Dec 01, 2008)
As with most expansion packs, Vae Victis will definitely enhance and extend the life of the game for people who just can't get enough of the origina, but it's hardly a must-have, even for fans of the series. More to the point, the addition of a more meaningful political element better helps to recreate the vagaries and intrigues that nations must endure on their long march towards either fame or oblivion. The player has just enough of an influence in the process to feel important, but not so much that it's just one more thing to manage. The few interface improvements like the handy character list and the province-bound diplomacy help to speed along the more cumbersome aspects of management. It's too bad that those same conveniences couldn't be applied to the game's awkward military movements.
WindowsCyber Stratege (Dec 05, 2008)
Vae Victis est une incontestable amélioration d’Europa Universalis : Rome. Ce dernier atteint la maturité au niveau de la gestion politique et des relations entre personnages. Décevant au départ, il devient un bon jeu… mais un jeu de conquête relativement classique au final. Cela dit, si vous avez aimé le jeu de base, cette extension est indispensable… surtout vendue à 10 € !
WindowsAceGamez (Apr 18, 2008)
To the experienced player of Europa Universalis: Rome, this will all come as a chalk or cheese alteration of the game’s inner workings. If you longer for more direct interaction with the political side of the Empire and the ability to really live that idea of being there then it’s hard to see how you could do much better than adding these factors into the already brilliant structure of the game. Fans of the Provincial expansion and micromanagement will probably find this all a tedious distraction from the existing complexities at work however and would do well to avoid it. With that in mind, it’s an experience that is hard to recommend or dissuade against. If Paradox pull themselves together and put out a free update that includes an instruction manual and fixes the still too brief and now horribly inaccurate tutorial then they will have a far more palatable addition to the existing game, one that is worthy of its mother-title.
WindowsHooked Gamers (Dec 16, 2008)
Now, on to rating the Vae Victis expansion. While I have enjoyed the new features and changed gameplay mechanics, I have to wonder out loud whether these features are worth the purchase. Sure, the $9.99 price tag isn't high but for that same money you can buy some great games on Xbox Live Arcade or Nintendo's WiiWare channel. I know that many fans play the Europa games for weeks on end and for this group of players, Vae Victis offers great value for money. Most other gamers will likely feel that Vae Victis' payload should have been included in the original game.
WindowsGamers Daily News (Jan 02, 2009)
Europa Universalis: Vae Victis really is an interesting title due to limitless options the player has to choose from, but at times the game can just be too overwhelming. Whether it be from all the numerous choices or the clunky interface, but somewhere along the way the game just forgets to entertain. Its sub-par graphics and short soundtrack won’t help matters, but it’s definitely for someone looking for an incredibly deep and challenging strategy game. Just be prepared for the intense learning curve.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Dec, 2008)
"Wehe den Besiegten!" soll der Gallierkönig Brennus den geschlagenen Römern zugerufen haben, als er sein Schwert in die Waagschale schmiss - und so das Lösegeld weiter erhöhte. "Wehe den Hobybstrategen!", rufen wir hingegen, falls Sie mit dem Rome-Addon Vae Victis liebäugeln. Das macht das Spiel weder zugänglicher noch viel umfangreicher, sondern fügt Kleinkram wie Senatoren und ein überarbeitetes Interface hinzu.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Apr 03, 2009)
While the features of Vae Victus are a welcome addition to a game that I already liked, it’s disappointing that the expansion has such an unpolished feel. The problems with secessionist states are annoying, and a few tweaks are clearly needed before republican governments are both sensible and fun. Hopefully the expansion will get some more ironing out to make it a worthy addition to Europa Universalis: Rome.