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Windows version

Title screen
The game begins in the cabin. This level is somewhat of a tutorial.
Evil Ash soon makes an appearance in the forest.
Loading screens serve as maps.
Cut-scenes bring Ash into the present and tell this story.
Ash is imprisoned in a psychiatric asylum.
Naturally things go awry, but Ash manages to find a weapon pretty quickly and is soon shooting Deadites in the face.
Using a security camera to scope things out.
You can manually target on a number of things beside enemies such as doors etc.
These platforms save your game.
Watch out for that current!
This poor guy's electro-shock session ran a little too long.
As you learn new abilities they will be listed in this menu.
The chainsaw cuts your work in half.
The asylum's chief Doctor seems to be deeply involved.
Fighting a boss, is that Eddie The Head?
Your sidekick Sam joins you after the escape from the asylum. You can kick him at enemies to help defeat them.
Escaping the asylum. I wonder where this leads.
Darkness falls across the land, The midnite hour is close at hand, Creatures crawl in search of blood, To terrorize yawls neighbourhood.
This platforms allow you to possess Sam.
Sam can get into places to big for Ash.
Sam can also hitch a ride on these big guys.
Sam takes the beast for a test drive.
Sam and Ash team-up in defeating this huge monster.
You've got to bring this thing souls if you want to get past it.
Souls are entombed within these eggs.
Running inside the catacombs.
Another intense boss fight. Not only do you have to look out for her attacks but of all her minions as well.
These dog-like creatures are a huge nuisance.
That platform will extend my life-meter.
This abandoned mining community is where you'll find the grappling hook weapon.
This portal extends your rage meter which Evil Ash uses up.
Sam goes hand-over-hand across a chasm.
Ash in the mines. Don't breathe that in Ash, it's poison.
Our cyclopian friend makes an appearance at the shipyards.
Ash has found a new weapon at the docks.
In order to get in there we gotta traverse the swamp.
The town of Port Turham looks a lot like Silent Hill.
Oh goody, a flame-thrower.
There's no turning back now...

Xbox version

The shack is back in the title screen!
Loading screens show you the way to go on the map
This book is the cause of all your problems!
In this game Ash has found himself locked up in an asylum
Ash has lots of new moves and combos
The aim circle will change colour depending on your targets heath
Save points appear as green glowing books
There are lots of sacred symbols Throughout the game.This one increases your inner evil bar
Ash now has a half undeadite partner called Sam!
You can kick Sam into various places
Sam can be used to control larger deadites
Sam pulls zombie deadites heads of with a satisfying pop!
Getting through this mine alive will not be easy!
Its a bit to quiet in the old asylum
That ship is full of deadites!
bonus cards open up extra content
Some stages have you trying to rescue Sam from traps set by the reaper!
Bigger deadites can block your attacks!
Going for a decapitation with the chainsaw
Ash can also use the shotgun to finish off deadites

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  • Evil Dead: Regeneration Screenshot
  • Evil Dead: Regeneration Screenshot
  • Evil Dead: Regeneration Screenshot
  • Evil Dead: Regeneration Screenshot
  • Evil Dead: Regeneration Screenshot