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Advertising Blurbs

11th Dimension Entertainment Official Website:
    Excelsior Phase One: Lysandia is the first in a series of role-playing adventures in which the player takes on the role of a Fixer, a minor demi-deity under the employ of the Grand Council of World Watchers - the group of gods who created and oversee the multiverse. Unbeknownst to the inhabitants of the many worlds of the multiverse, all of history has been predetermined by the Watchers. Occasionally, however, something goes awry and history veers off its planned course. It is the job of the Fixer to travel to the worlds in question and correct the historical deviations.

    Lysandia has for generations been a prosperous land and its ruler, King Valkery, has been immensely popular. Popular, that is, until he underwent an abrupt personality shift and began behaving against the wishes of his people. Terrible monsters were unleashed and the citizens grew discontent. The cause of Valkery's madness is a mysterious chaotic entity which has taken control of the King's very mind. Donning the guise of a normal townsperson, you the Fixer must use logic and perseverance to ultimately vanquish the chaotic entity from the Lysandian universe and restore the benevolent King Valkery...


    Excelsior Phase One features:

  • A fully animated world
  • An intricate and intelligent plot
  • More than 140 items including dozens of varieties of weapons and armor
  • More than 100 types of monsters and townspeople
  • Hundreds of individuals with whom to converse
  • A complex and unique magic system with 35 spells
  • Over 30 cities, villages, huts, dungeons and keeps to explore
  • A handsome game manual, as well as an optional hint book
  • An estimated play time of 50 hours!

    Contributed by Indra was here (20896) on Jun 15, 2003.

Game documentation:
    Excelsior is a computer role-playing-game (RPG) which returns players to the classic style of gaming which defined the standard in the early '80s. In Excelsior, you become a "fixer" - A demigod with the task of fixing a minor glitch in the Lysandian universe. A chaotic presence has taken control of the king and is threatening to disturb the predetermined destiny of the planet. Your task is to identify the chaos and destroy it so that Lysandia can be returned to its normal course.

    [Source: Excelsior vendinfo.diz file, DOS version 1.00. Similar text exists in all subsequent versions]

    Contributed by Nathan Jolly (87) on Feb 02, 2003.