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Though easy at first, the levels soon become difficult, and require quick thinking and reflexes to solve them. When you clear a level, you take a five-question multiple-choice quiz on the Book of Exodus (10 correct answers earns an extra life). You also get a scene from Moses’ life, such as a depiction of one of the 10 plagues. This game is engaging and challenging, and definitely worth a try for puzzle fans.
Actually this game was a little better than I expected. There's little original here and the graphics are on par with a good NES game (meaning the graphics in the NES version kinda stink), but the gameplay and the control are okay. As an educational tool, this might be a bit disappointing to the Ned Flanders crowd. I didn't exactly feel spiritually refreshed after playing; in fact, after a couple minutes of blasting bricks and dropping boulders on soldiers, I didn't know I was playing a "religious" game at all. Most of the questions I encountered on Exodus required more wrote memorization of fact than understanding of principles. There are a few corkers in the instructions. For example, some of the squares are called "Weaknesses of Man," and we learn that these weaknesses "cannot be eliminated" but they "can be pushed." Damn right.
60 (Sep 14, 2006)
The audio/visuals are what keep this game from receiving an eight out of ten like Joshua did. They're practically the same game, after all. Although it may seem harsh to dock two points for graphics and sound, I feel that it is my duty. Wisdom Tree clearly intended to harm their customers in this case, and it's only through drastic measures that Sega-16 will be able to protect its readership. Seriously, though, there's no reason to buy this game. Buy Joshua, play it, enjoy it. There's just not enough of a difference between the two games to make Exodus's painful graphics and grating sound worth the price of admission. Exodus is the necessary evil that brought us Joshua. End of story. And end of review.
25 (Dec, 2011)
Were I a sheltered young Christian boy, forced to read only the Bible, listen to Steven Curtis Chapman, and play the Wisdom Tree games, I would rejoice over Exodus as it is the best of the bunch so far. Sad day.