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Exodus: Ultima III Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Demo screen
The main menu
Creating a new character
The game begins here
Battling some thieves
Collect treasure after winning a battle
Entering a castle
Inside a castle; who do we have here?

Apple II version

Title Screen
Title Screen (French Version)
Game Start
The Throne of Lord British
The Pub
Map of Sosaria
Dungeon Crawling
Map of a Dungeon
Great Earth Serpent

Atari 8-bit version

Title Screen

Atari ST version

Title screen
Welcome to Sosaria!
Character stats and equipment
Enter the castle
Good old Lord British
It's dark in those forests
Forest city of Yew
Battle with magicians
As typical for the early computer Ultima games, the view is changed when entering dungeons
Title screen (high resolution)
Creating a character (high resolution)
Overworld with a town and the castle of Lord British nearby (high resolution)
Visiting Lord British (high resolution)
List of goods at the armoury (high resolution)
Chatting in a taphouse (high resolution)
Battle against Giants (high resolution)
Exploring a dungeon (high resolution)

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen and credits
Title screen
Demo scene
Starting location
Standing before Lord British
In a fight with the guards
At the pub in Britain
Found a city nestled in the woods
Apparently, it is Yew
In a battle with giants
Dungeon View
Dungeon (Early NTSC C64 Composite Video)

DOS version

Title Screen (CGA with composite monitor)
Demo (CGA with composite monitor)
The Throne of Lord British (CGA with composite monitor)
Pub in Britain (CGA with composite monitor)
Lord British tortures people? (CGA with composite monitor)
Fighting wizards (CGA with composite monitor)
Fighting sea serpents (CGA with composite monitor)
Receiving an important clue (CGA with composite monitor)
Dungeon crawling (CGA with composite monitor)
Great Earth Serpent (CGA with composite monitor)
Castle Fire (CGA with composite monitor)
Facing Exodus (CGA with composite monitor)
As in Ultima IV, you get a cute little intro animation.
The main menu.
Character generation. Choose name, sex, race, class, and distribute points. Easy. The tricky part is to get a good combination of characters for your party.
Welcome to Sosaria!
"My child"? British will pay for his arrogance...!
Gathering first hints in Britain's pub. Note the line-of-sight algorithm.
Exploring Sosaria. Looks like a dungeon entrance over there.
Fighting two skeletons in the woods. The combat is quite tactical, similar to the Gold Box engine, but much simpler.
This bar is crowded, but it's probably not because of the friendliness of its bartender.
The end of my first party. I didn't even DO anything, I had to kill a thief in self-defence. The guards are brutes. I have sworn revenge.
In Sosaria, torches seem to be illegal, as they are only sold in hidden guild shops. Finally, I'll be able to explore dungeons!
The first example of Ultima III's creative use of tile maps to create 16x16 pixel graphics. After three days of playing, I realized that this one was supposed to show a fountain.
As in Ultima II, a certain item gives you some proto-automapping.
Welcome to Lord British's spacious and luxurious Torture Chamber, where he waterboards and burns jesters. Well, this game at least is more realistic than Ultima IV.
During the early part of the game, you'll need to find out how to reach Dawn. Well, now I know what I'm gonna save my money for...
Finally, a place that sells horses, leading to faster movement and less food consumption. Less food consumption is GOOD.
Attacking pirates to get their ship, just like in Ultima IV.
Those guards ain't what they were in Ultima I and II...
Lord British apparently doesn't object to my horse crapping all over his throne room.
Is it modern art? No, it's an Ultima III dungeon full of chests! (The chests are the white rectangles, OK?)
This great snake blocks the way... Getting rid of it is one of main puzzles in the game.
The other day, while leisurely strolling down a stream of lava, I met some helpful Balron.
My favourite place in whole Sosaria!
Entering a shrine, with some more cute tile-map graphics. For 1000 gold, my fuzzy wizard Skw'ix'tk just got much more intelligent.
With Skw'ix'tk now mastering the magic art of mass destruction, I'm having my revenge on those cruel city guards. Wua ha haaa!!!
Annah: "Oooh, looook, a pony! A pony!! How sweeeeet!!! Let's ride!... Er... wait a moment..." Pony: "GroooOOAAARRGHGH!!!"
Digging for treasure. In the distance, pirates approach. I always wanted a second ship anyway.
Using moongates, you can get near Castle Exodus... But you'll have to find another way to get inside.
Exodus is so evil that even his floor will attack you!
After you saved Sosaria, there is another unofficial challenge: Dispose of Lord British and become king of Sosaria yourself.

Macintosh version

Title screen (LairWare version).
Intro animation (LairWare version).
Game start with default party (LairWare version).
Checking character stats (LairWare version).
A random encounter (LairWare version).
Combat screen (LairWare version).
In the pub (LairWare version).
A brief audience with Lord British (LairWare version).
Dungeon entrance (LairWare version).

MSX version

Title screen
Registering your name
Play select
Options screen
Character Creation
Giving a party member a name
You have the choice to see, create or erase a Character. If you have created four party members, you can organize the Party (Or just return to the previous screen)
The choose of making a Hand made or a Ready Made Party
Forming a Party
Lord British wants YOU to defeat Exodus!
Meeting Lord British in his throne room
Game start
Saving the game Can ONLY be done in Lord British's Castle!
So, what is the Status of the Party?
Let's buy or sell something at a Weapon Shop in Britain
Meeting Noriko Hidaka in Britain
Buying Weapons to defend ourselves against the dangers that is plaguing Sosaria
Talking to a man in Britain
Armor is also important. It will protect you from getting badly hurt
Player adjustments
The green world
A battle

NES version

Meeting Richard Garriott!
John. Always bragging that he knows more about Ultima than everyone
Descendants of Link?
Meeting Lord British in the Throne room
The only way to save the game is here at the Inn that ONLY to be found at Lord British's Castle
Boarding a Pirate Ship and defeat the Pirates
We are sailing!!!
Title Screen
Choosing characters
World map
Battle. Easy enemies.
Enter the cave? Thou shall not pas!
Troll in forest? :D
Talk with guard
In the English version, her name is not Noriko Hidaka anymore, but Sherry.
Main Menu. Here you can register your name or delete it. (Japanese Version)
Please register your name in HIRAGANA. (Japanese Version)
Menu; Create Character or Play game. (Japanese Version)
The Character creation. (Japanese Version)
Naming a Character in HIRAGANA. (Japanese Version)
Forming a Party. (Japanese Version)
Starting Location. (Japanese Version)
Talking to Lord British in his throne room. (Japanese Version)
Saving the game can ONLY be done here in the Save Department Store that is inside of Lord British's Castle! (Japanese Version)

PC-88 version

Copyright screen
Title screen
Character creation takes place in windows pasted over the title screen
Status screen
Outside of Lord British's castle
What an original name...
Taking to Chucky thejester
LB is showing off :)
LB in his fancy throne room. They used extra red color :)
Don't you feel lonely here?..
Attacked by many monsters at once!..
I can see the dungeon entrance from here...
Catholic pool?..
They need to find a better name for their shop...
Guys, stand in the line, don't push!
We won!! Game is completed!!!.. Err, no, actually it's the other way around
These fields hurt like hell
Battle in a dungeon!
Dungeon exploration: ladder
Dungeon exploration: door
Fighting pirates on their ship!
Character Screen in the Star Craft Version
This character is now a Fizzy in the Star Craft Version.
Exploring the Overland in the Star Craft Version.
In the Throne room with Lord British in the Star Craft Version.
Having a little chat with Iolo in the Star Craft Version.
Title Screen of the Star Craft Version.
Choose from the Options in the Star Craft Version

PC-98 version

You need to do some disc switching before you actually get to play...
Title screen
Party creation
Outside of Lord British's castle
Note the visibility - for the first time in Ultima series
Battle in a dungeon
LB's castle
Hmm, I wonder what's here?..
Party is killed
City center. LB really shows off :)
Weapons shop
Character stats
Mysterious tower...
Battle in a forest!
Those conjurers are tough!
Montor East? Never heard

Official Screenshots

  • Exodus: Ultima III Screenshot LairWare Macintosh version screenshot
    LairWare website, 2001
  • Exodus: Ultima III Screenshot LairWare Macintosh version screenshot
    LairWare website, 2001
  • Exodus: Ultima III Screenshot LairWare Macintosh version screenshot
    LairWare website, 2001
  • Exodus: Ultima III Screenshot LairWare Macintosh version screenshot
    LairWare website, 2001
  • Exodus: Ultima III Screenshot LairWare Macintosh version screenshot
    LairWare website, 2001
  • Exodus: Ultima III Screenshot LairWare Macintosh version screenshot
    LairWare website, 2001