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Extreme-G: XG2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Bike Selection
Going for some extreme racing!
Wow! Armed with multiple missiles doesn't make you any better if you are heading in front of another G-bike like yours! Press Escape?!
An One-on-One challenge before going down...again!
Somewhere over there a real battle must be happening; they're lighting up all the environment!
Going fast to a darkness where you'll probably see the moon with all its splendid view...
Trying hard not to fall off the track...
This must be the moment to show some descent on steroids!
You seem you need some kind of boost to keep racing head-to-haed, don't you? You had better fire your nitro!
Being in the 1st place doesn't prove anything; with speed freaks following you, you always must go faster. But don't forget: One false turn and you're toast!
Yeehaa! This jump must be eXtremely enjoyable!
- I swear I'd seen this scene somewhere before! Well, we admit it too; this scene incredibly looks like the underwater track we've seen in Cryo's MegaRace...
How about perfecting your shooting skills in arcade mode? We bet you can't shoot that drone while going as fast as 506 gph! We dare you!
Breaking the sound barrier! Sonic boom...