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Italian distributor's website (PC version):
    I fautori del premiato Epic Pinball hanno creato la più autentica simulazione per flipper mai vista prima d'ora, portando così il gioco del flipper a un nuovo livello di realismo. Quattro tavoli da gioco con temi completamente differenti. Grafica ultra realistica, ricerca del massimo punteggio, tonnellate di livelli bonus.

    Contributed by jean-louis (33520) on Jan 03, 2015.

Description on
    Extreme Pinball features
    * Realistic 3D pinball table graphics

    * Intense music and cool cinemas enhance the playing experience

    * Fast-paced pinball action with fluid scrolling

    * Precisely simulated physics of ball movement

    * 6 ball multiball action

    * Multiple level playfields

    * Skill shot bonuses

    * High replay value

    * 4 different pinball tables to choose from, including: Medieval Knights, Rock-Makers, Urban Chaos, Monkey Mayhem

    Contributed by Jeanne (76509) on Oct 08, 2003.

Back of CD Case - DOS:

    Take the arcade home!

    With 6 ball multiball, you'll wish you were in a riot. Secret passages and hidden levels are just a flipper away. Set your high scores at home. Hit the targets and create your own rock video.

  • 4 distinct SGI-rendered table designs
  • 4 unique CD-quality soundtracks
  • Full tracking of high scores
  • Interactive Dotmation screens customized for each table
  • Super smooth scrolling
  • Dozens of bonus levels to discover
  • From the award-winning development team Epic MegaGames

    Contributed by Jeanne (76509) on Oct 08, 2003.

Unknown Source:
    With tons of new features, Extreme Pinball takes PC pinball to the next level!

    Contributed by Andy Voss (1876) on Sep 17, 1999.