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Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Main Title
Intro opens as your ol' friend ask you to help him unravel the mystery of a dark scheme.
Main Menu
Character generation screen.
Game starts in the woods surrounding the Darkmoon temple.
Ingame menu doesn't much differ from its originator.
Remember the golden rule and never trust strangers unless you have a good reason to gamble on it.
Approaching the temple of Darkmoon.
And this is just where you stumble upon even more questions to inquire.
Seemingly so nice, once you cross the line due to your investigation, these will turn into fierce opponents.
There is no such option as talk or look, just attack or run.
Damsel in distress.
Equipping one of your characters before you proceed deeper into these catacombs.
Some people just don't like to be awaken.
Fighting the guards that woke up on left foot.
You can import your party from the first part of the trilogy.
One of my fighters was poisoned during a fight with a giant red ant.
Search everywhere! You will find important items.
Found some useful scrolls in the catacombs.
It's good to have a skilled thief in the team.
Leave your items somewhere on the floor, they do not disappear.
Must find a safe way through this area with light beam firing plates.
Entering a Mantis nest.
This map could be useful later...
No, this is not the final boss. Beholders are regular monsters now.
Another pressure plate puzzle
Casting a hold monster spell. That Basilisk is an easy target now.
Guess I have to find some items to activate this.
One of my party members has gained a level.
A vision of our friend Khelben

DOS version

Title screen
Intro sequence - dramatic close-ups!..
Main menu
Character generation
The woods - fighting a wolf!
An old woman
A secret passage
Entering Temple Darkmoon
The clerics of Darkmoor are not fond of trespassers
Importing a party from the EOTB1
Camping options
Approaching the temple...
Barbie and Ken: Renaissance Fair edition
Opening the main door of the temple
Sheesh! Those pesky Lawful-good paladins always ruining the fun for everyone
Magic items like this allow you to resurrect your party
Who are you pointing at, punk?!
Eating hot, magic death. Ouch!
Spellbook memorization options
Standing in front of temple stairs. Putting away a mage scroll. Opening a character's inventory. All this and more await you in this game!
Two stupid guards assault me. I'll teach you better grammar, you, you... facial hair-bearing somewhat multi-ethnic people with dubious headgear!
Dungeons aren't all barren. There are some objects here and there. And you'll be treated to descriptions from time to time
Up to two additional characters can join your party. Finding them is not always obvious! There are about five or six of them altogether
The Catacombs is the first real hardcore dungeon in the game - and it's also probably the longest one. Here, fearsome warriors attack my colorful, full party of six!
The infamous "no rest" level - this is what you see when you try to gain the well-deserved rest...
You can find parchments and read them on your journey. They supply good clues sometimes
Ouch! You'll eventually travel to several large tower dungeons. In the first of those, you are greeted by some nasty traps right away...
This lizard has no chance! Watch how my well-disguised mage casts fireballs on him!
Nice detail in this tower! I'm so impressed that I open one of my character's attribute sheet
The game has a barely noticeable sense of humor. Such scenes serve to lighten the mood a bit - and you'll need it, given the games high difficulty level
You found a nice-looking window. You just want to stay there. So you pile your weapons, scrolls, potions, and everything else on the floor...
Those wasps are annoying, since they can poison and paralyze my characters. So let's see if one of my three clerics can deal with them... no HARM done, right? Hehe...
Oh my!! This is the titular BEHOLDER! This very tough monster appears when you least expect it - and look, my leader is already dead!..
More interesting detail in the next tower. Check out my new and improved inventory with some higher-level items! Also displaying some diverse cleric spells
You'll spend a lot of time collecting different keys to open those locks. It really gets old after a while, but what can you do
This ghost killed one of my characters! Revenge! My mage casts the Ice Storm spell!
Battle against some very... unusual enemies. Take a look at my party: two characters are invisible, one is petrified, and the leader looks like Gandalf after a bad Botox job
No RPG is complete without maniacal villains being all talkative and sarcastic
Uh-oh... I smell a sidequest!
Oh wow! One of the boss battles in the game is against a Frost Giant. I cast Cold Cone on him. I'm not sure it was the best choice. I mean, it's a FROST Giant, right?..
Meet a giant king, who is apparently also quite the poet!
Another day, another tower, another set of strange symbols, another inventory full of junk. This vacation has been going on for too long
The Crimson Tower is the game's final main area. And man, you'd better come prepared. Those magicians mean business!..
Is it me, or does anyone else find this phrase SLIGHTLY disturbing?..
Late-game battle against a regular snake enemy - note the cool animations... The red glow around my character means the Protection from Evil spell was cast on them
Late-game decisive boss battle - which isn't going too well. Either you master the "side-step technique" or you can forget about ever winning this game

FM Towns version

Title screen
Main menu
Man! I need central heating
Close-up in the mysterious man
Character creation
Starting area. A wolf is approaching
Drag-and-drop interface

PC-98 version

Title screen A
The "real" title screen + main menu
Mysterious staircase...
...and mysterious man
Nice close-up!
One ring to bind them... or something like that
Created a party :)
Camp screen
Fighting a wolf
Now there are TWO wolves, I find nothing better but open my inventory...