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Eye of the Beholder Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Before they became Westwood Studios.
Main Title
Four heroes decided to face the evil that lurks beneath the city of Waterdeep.
Main Menu
Character generation screen.
After all statistics have been set, you select a portrait and enter your character's name.
As you entered the sewers, the fate sealed behind you granting you nowhere to go but deeper underground.
Remains of a hero that came here before you... as a point of encouragement.
Equipping one of your characters.
The weakest type of enemy, usually travel in packs.
Killed beasts will usually drop food supplies or their weapon which can be of much use to you.
Ingame menu allows you to adjust some game option, rest and/or heal party, and other stuff.
Praying for level 1 spells.
Cure the wounds of this Dwarf and he will join your party.
There is a giant spider lurking behind that net.
We're in the dwarven camp where another member has joined our party.
We have interrupted a dark-robed figure...
Suddenly he casts a powerful spell and injures the whole party.
Fighting a Drow Elf patrol.
Blasted Rust Monster has destroyed Duncan's shield.
That stone door is locked! No lever or keyhole in sight.
A Mantis Warrior is attacking with halberd and dagger.
Let's hear what she has to say.
Prince Keirgar is safe now, let's return to the dwarven camp.
The Xorn is slow but does a lot of damage when he hits.
We have activated the magical portal with the stone scepter.
The Dwarves rejoice at the return of their prince.
Deposit your items somewhere, they do not disappear.
You'll find some bones during your travels. Visit the dwarven cleric to resurrect the dead adventurers.
Trying to pick a lock.
Our cleric has the power to turn the undead.
Character info
Damn! This Mind Flayer has paralyzed all party members.
A warning sign
Healing the fighters during battle.
We should better not touch that potion and ring.
Surrender? After all we've been through?

DOS version

Title Screen
Only you can find the evil and destroy it! (from the opening intro)
Prepare yourself! (from the opening intro)
Character Generation
Against creepy creatures (in-game shot -1)
Against creepy creatures (in-game shot -2)
Against creepy creatures (in-game shot -3)
dwarves could be a powerful allies... or an enemies
if you choose a bound to dwarves, their cleric will gladly help you
even though it's a dungeon-hack, you can find wide underground areas
when there will be no stairs to find, portal gates will do just fine
those puma-alike creatures have scorpion-alike twin tail
saving the prince is one step towards stoping the war btween Drowes and Dwarves
these slimy caves are deep below, and contains Mantis-Warriors
RATS (Rapid Access Teleport System) - nice name though
main in-game menu (mostly used for healing characters, or saving a game)
Drow welcome comitee.
A Xorn is a creature heavily attracted by a metal. Tough to kill though.
Last Level. You can mix stone, health potions, and some other ingredient, and you'll get this creature.
Mr. Evil himself. The main bad guy, pretty fast though.
Portrait selection
Inventory screen
Stat screen
Prepping a spell
Kobold strikes!
Damned Kobolds!
Title Screen (CGA)
Starting out (CGA)
Title Screen (EGA)
Starting out (EGA)
Journey below the city
New scrolls!
Slugs horde
Don't fall in hole!
Zombie escapes.

PC-98 version

Title screen
The first thing you should do is create a user disk!
Intro: sorcerers with Japanese text
Intro continues: nice scene, but not quite fullscreen
Sitting all alone in the throne room must feel lonely
Character creation in progress
The game's starting location
Opening a character's attribute sheet. Items and some detail on the ground. Note the rat behind the grate!
Resting. Memorizing Magic Missiles for your mage, this kind of thing
Battle! No luck for you, tiny warrior!..
I saw some rations on the floor and opened my mage's inventory
It's a ladder, it's a ladder! Hurray, hurray!..
The puzzles start simple. And I think my fighter has had enough food...

SEGA CD version

Title screen
Someone seems to dislike us.
Character creation screen.
Our journey begins in the sewers.
Character statistics on the right
Investigate some Halfling bones.
Open doors by pressing buttons in the wall.
Fight humanoid rats
Fight worms.
Get bitten by worms.
Camp menu screen
You can rest several hours.
Resting restores the health of all the party members.
Find a magic scrolls in the walls.
Open doors by pulling levers.
Sewer holes are stinky, but sometimes you can find things in them.
Place stones on trip plates to keep doors open.
Finding some armor
Even the smallest buttons have to be found.
Get down to another level.
Fight bigger enemies.
On each level you can find the map.
Dungeon map screen

SNES version

Title Screen
In Game
Generate your four characters
Which race?
Which class to choose?
Choose a face
Keep this chatacter?
Your party has been created
Start of your quest
Which way now?
A door to open
Fight him
What Father is carrying