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F-15 Strike Eagle II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen
Title screen
Select control method
Hall of Fame
Rookie, Pilot, Veteran or Ace?
Select a scenario
Your mission objectives
Cockpit view
Left-hand cockpit view
Right-hand cockpit view
Rear view
An enemy F-5
Chase view of the F-15
The enemy fighter is in range
The old MiG-17
Destroyed a MiG-17 with the cannon.
Mission debriefing

Atari ST version

F-15 Strike Eagle II Manual Protection
Select control method
Hall of Fame
Fired an AIM-120
Choose your skill level.
Choose your theater of operation.
Mission objectives - blow stuff up!
Flying over water.
An external view.

DOS version

Title screen (VGA)
pick your mission
mission debreifing
VGA gameplay
VGA cockpit view
VGA cockpit view 2
Rear view
Secondary target in sight ...
External view
Start Menu (Version 451.01)
More great simulations from Microprose (EGA/Tandy/VGA)
Title Screen (Tandy)
Select Pilot (EGA/Tandy/VGA)
Pick scenario (EGA/Tandy/VGA)
Today's mission (EGA/Tandy/VGA)
Good start (EGA/Tandy/VGA)
After crash (EGA/Tandy/VGA)
Good start (VGA 256 colors)
An-72 Destroyed by Gunfire (VGA)
Mig-17 Destroyed by Gunfire (VGA)
Tank Farm (Primary Target) and Maverick Armed (VGA)
Sam Radar Hit by ACM-65 (VGA)
Autopilot On and afterburner (VGA)
Supply Dump (Secondary Target) and Maverick Fired (VGA)
Supply Dump (Secondary Target) Hit by ACM-65 (VGA)
Automatic Landing (VGA)
Sam Radar Firing SA-5
Terrorist Camp (Primary Target) and AA-6 Fired by F-1 (VGA)
Terrorist Camp (Primary Target) Hit by ACM-65 (VGA)
Flare released (VGA)
Ship (Secondary Target) and Ineffective Hit Hit by ACM-65 (VGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Cockpit view (CGA)
More great simulations from Microprose (CGA)
Select Pilot (CGA)
Pick your mission (CGA)
Pick scenario (CGA)
Today's mission (CGA)
Good start (CGA)
After crash (CGA)
Got a promotion for my efforts (VGA)

Genesis version

Title picture
Title screen
Mission Briefing
Left view
Cockpit view
Back view
External view
MIG-17 locked
Enemy fighters destroyed
Chase view
Side view
Primary target in sight
Landing on the carrier
After mission
Mission debriefing
You receive a medal
You have been promoted
Game Over

PC-98 version

Title screen
Select Pilot
Select scenario
About to take off
Rear view
Left view
Right view
External view