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Nintendo Press Release - Wii (US):
    F-Zero® X (Nintendo® 64, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone, 1,000 Wii Points): Choose from 30 different hover-car racers, including updated versions of the Blue Falcon and other vehicles from the original F-Zero, and get ready to play one of the fastest racers ever. You'll speed to the finish line on tracks that twist and turn through the air, doing your best to avoid the other 29 cars on the track. If you're in a competitive mood, try to win a Grand Prix Cup, get the fastest lap time in a Time Trial or destroy the competition in a Death Race. You can also challenge three friends in the Versus mode. With five separate play modes, hidden vehicles and courses, and an excellent soundtrack, F-Zero X still represents one of the best racing titles to date.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on Jun 25, 2007.

Back of Box (German):

    Der Countdown läuft... wenigen Momenten beginnt das haarsträubendenste, wahnwitzigste und spektakulärste Hochgeschwindigkeits-Rennen des 22. Jahrhunderts. Mit futuristischen Raumgleitern, die innerhalb weniger Sekunden von 0 auf 1000 Stundenkilometern beschleunigen, rast Du durch verrückte Cyber-Landschaften voller Loopings, Sprungschanzen und Schikanen. Nur die besten Fahrer haben eine reelle Chance, lebendig das Ziel zu erreichen.

    Begib Dich in den Rausch der Geschwindigkeit, starte durch in das krasseste Techno-Racing auf dem Nintendo 64 und erlebe das einmalige Fahrgefühl von F-Zero X, das Dir im 4-Spieler-Modus sogar spannende Duelle mit Deinen Freunden ermöglicht.

    • Super-High-Speed-Action im schnellsten Techno-Racing aller Zeiten
    • Spannende Duelle mit Deinen Freunden im "Bis-zu-4-Spieler-Modus"
    • Mehr als 30 krasse Kurse, 30 futuristische Raumgleiter und vieles mehr
    • 5 Modi: Grand Prix, Time Attack, Death Race, Vs. Battle & Practice
    • Mit modulinternem Speicher zum Sichern der Erfolge und Highscores
    • Realistische Spezial-Effekte durch das Rumble Pak (separat erhältlich)

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Dec 02, 2005.
    A worthy successor to the 16-bit classic, F-Zero X is one of the fastest racers ever. If you were one of the weenies who got queasy from playing the original F-Zero, wait until you play F-Zero X!

    Part of the reason F-Zero X screams so loud is the game's constant 60 frames per second frame rate. Even with 30 hover cars on the screen, there was nary a sign of slow-down. Four player split screen was perhaps the most playable multi-player race ever, again with no sign of frame rate droppage (but, there are no drone cars in the four player race). Suspended high above an abstract representation of a planet's surface, the tracks twist, turn and roll into infinity with no fogging effects necessary to obscure pop-up.

    Like in the original F-Zero, the edges of the tracks are rigged to damage your vehicle if you run into them, encouraging you to run as clean a race as possible. Speed boosters are situated at strategic locations around the track. You'll also be able to get a speed boost by pressing the B Button once you've completed a lap, but at the cost of some of your shield energy. The R and Z Buttons cause your car to corner more sharply and drift through turns. Overall, the play control feels natural and gives you very precise control over your car, which is good when one mis-steer could send you off the edge of the track into oblivion.

    Players can choose from 30 different hover car racers, including updated representations of the Blue Falcon and other vehicles from the original F-Zero. Each car does have significantly different handling characteristics. Some feel lightweight and agile, others are heavy and ponderous, but it's possible to win with any of them. While it might seem that a faster car would always be best, the heavier cars are armored and better able to withstand the damage inducing side rails of the courses. On some of the more treacherous and twisting courses, it's possible to win simply by being the last hover car floating.

    F-Zero X allows you to adjust the camera view in small increments, and in real-time, during the race. You can swivel the camera around to see behind your car, or raise it up to get an aerial view of the race. It's also possible to zoom in on your car, where you'll notice that it is composed of mainly flat shaded polygons -- simple but effective. Some may comment on the lack of detail in F-Zero X's vehicles and backgrounds, but when things are going by at 1,000 km/h, you don't have a chance to notice a few pixels of detail anyway.

    Besides the new vehicles, tracks and characters, F-Zero X also provides a strong incentive to replay the game. To earn the right to drive all 30 vehicles and view all of the tracks, you need to prove yourself by performing well in each of the various circuit modes. You won't find weapons to attack other cars, or power-ups beyond the speed boosting arrows on the track. What you will find is one of the fastest racing games ever.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65847) on Aug 16, 2005.

Back of Box (US):
    It’s you against 29 other machines competing for the title of F-Zero X Champion. You’re racing at speeds of over 1,000 km/h high above the atmosphere. Your competition comes from every corner of the galaxy and won’t shed a tear at the thought of smashing you to smithereens or running you off the track. With four-player simultaneous gameplay and the Rumble Pak accessory, you have the fastest racing game on the N64® system.

  • Up to four-player simultaneous racing!
  • Five game modes, four difficulty levels and 30 tracks!
  • Choose from 30 customizable machines!
  • Compatible with Rumble Pak accessory!

    Contributed by gamewarrior (5091) on Nov 13, 2004.

Back of box (UK):
    High velocity, white knuckle, racing exhilaration

    Racing in the future has become so advanced that the present day restrictions for driver safety are as valid as racing slicks. Genetically enhanced super-pilots thrash their supercharged, power-crafts in their desperate bid to advance their position on the roller coaster racetracks of the 22nd century. Each of the 30 machines hovers four feet above the surface of the track and are designed to exceed speeds of 1000 km/h within a few seconds. Only the most skilled pilots make the finish line alive....

    Up to four daring pilots can risk everything in a white knuckle gamble for glory/

    - Incredible high speed racing action - Up to four players can race simultaneously - Select 30 race courses and 30 racing craft - 5 unique game modes - Save your game progress on the game pak memory - Rumble Pak compatible for the ultimate realism

    Contributed by Martin Smith (66852) on Sep 28, 2004.

Press Release:

    30 Machines On-Screen Simultaneously + 60 Frames Per Second = Hyper Fun

    ATLANTA, May 27, 1998 – VRRROOOOMMMMM!!!! There is no greater thrill than speeding around an elevated, futuristic racetrack in an out-of-this-world racecar at 1,000 kilometers per hour. Well…except for falling off of an elevated, futuristic racetrack in an out-of-this-world racecar at 1,000 kilometers per hour. On August 31, 1998, Nintendo of America Inc. will make both situations possible with the release of F-Zero X, only for Nintendo 64 – the world's most powerful home video game system.

    F-Zero X was created by the world-famous video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, based on his 1991 million-unit-selling Super Nintendo Entertainment System game F-Zero. F-Zero X, for one to four players, takes advantage of the raw processing power of the Nintendo 64 hardware to produce graphics at 60 frames-per-second, resulting in unparalleled play control. Utilizing 96-megabits of memory, the game features up to 30 machines on-screen at one time ALL moving at breakneck speeds – making it the fastest moving racing game available for any home video game system. The graphic-rendering speed of each environment is even retained in the four-player mode, creating an unparalleled multi-player racing experience.

    "It's quite breathtaking to see how fast the world flies by you in F-Zero X," says Peter Main, Nintendo of America's executive vice president, sales and marketing. "Not only is the sheer speed of the hovercrafts amazing, but to witness so many machines moving on the screen at once highlights the superior capabilities of our system."

    F-Zero X speeds players into the future from behind the wheel of a revolutionary hovercraft in an intergalactic race of champions. The hovercrafts float above racetracks on magnetic cushions that reduce friction and increase speed. There are 30 different machines and pilots to chose from, each with distinct personality and physical attributes, such as top speed, handling and shield strength.

    The game includes five modes of play – GP Race, Time Attack, VS Battle, Death Race and Practice – and four levels of difficulty – Normal, Standard, Expert and Master. In GP Race Mode, there are five different circuits in which to compete, with six tracks in each. The tracks contain various narrow tunnels and straightaways, death-defying jumps and twisting, turning loops.

    The hovercraft control is excellent. At 1,000 kilometers an hour, precise steering is imperative, because hitting the side rails will damage the machine, and veering to the side where there isn't a rail will send the hovercraft flying into outer space. If the inherent speed of each machine isn't enough, speed boosters at various points along the track add a burst of power to the machine.

    In keeping with the fun, cartoon style of the original game, F-Zero X includes brilliant, colorful, action hero comic book-style artwork and characters, including the return of popular F-Zero racer Captain Falcon. F-Zero X features a unique, adjustable camera, allowing players to view the race from many angles. The soundtrack is comprised of fast-paced rock-and-roll music, adding to the heart-pounding thrill of the ride.

    F-Zero X will be compatible with the Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak, allowing players to feel every jolt, bump and crash.

    Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, is the leader in the worldwide $15 billion retail video game industry. Nintendo manufactures and markets hardware and software for its best-selling home video game systems, including the hand-held Game Boy, the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the 64-bit Nintendo 64, the fastest-selling video game system in history. As a wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Washington, serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in the Western Hemisphere, where more than 40 percent of American households own a Nintendo game system.

    Contributed by skl (1142) on Feb 17, 2004.

Electronic Gaming Monthly:
    Don't blink and drive.

    'Cause 30 vehicles going all-out through loops, jumps, tubes and twists with absolutely no slowdown happens so fast.
    F-Zero X. Only on N64. It's what real speed looks like.

    Contributed by Kartanym (12784) on May 02, 2002.