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SEGA Master System 7 2.2
Combined User Score 7 2.2

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SEGA Master SystemTilt (Dec, 1987)
Bref, F16 Fighter est attrayant et marque une évolution intéressante par rapport aux autres cartouches.
SEGA Master SystemAll Game Guide (1998)
Along with the bland graphics and weak sound there is also boring gameplay. Players simply fly around trying to shoot enemy fighters. Of course, that is what flight combat simulations are about but this one has no rewards, you never see your plane, and there is no landscape. F-16 Fighting Falcon is the only flight simulator on the Master System leaving simulation with no other options. The dogfights are not too interesting though so it is doubtful anyone will really enjoy playing this game.
SEGA Master SystemSega Does (Sep 23, 2014)
F-16 Falcon Fighter isn’t really a legitimate flight sim. For one thing, there’s objectives. Well, an objective (those MIG Foxbats won’t blow themselves up), but even a singular task is enough to distinguish it from the Microsoft flight sims of yore that I used to, uh, “play.” Still, Sega’s obsession with the titular aircraft results in painful periods of inactivity. The implication during these down times seems to be: “look at the painstaking detail put into the Falcon! Doesn’t the attention to the aircraft’s interior warrant the lack of gameplay?” Depends on who you ask, I suppose, but the limited 8-bit atmosphere doesn’t immerse you as well as the game thinks it does. And when all the Foxbats have been blown to the bosom of the Pacific Ocean, what you’re left with is a lone fighter in the sky, immaculately crafted, but with little reason to exist.
SEGA Master SystemGame Freaks 365 (Jul 04, 2006)
I hope to god in heaven this was a playable game on the MSX. Something tells me it wasn't. Then again, using a keyboard to play a flight-sim would be much more entertaining. Instead of having to attempt to jump back and forth between two controllers, awkwardly holding onto one while pressing the other, you could just press a few keys and go on your way. This is just incredible. I don't think a game can get worse than this and I'm surprised this title isn't mentioned on any "Worst Games of All Time" lists. Seriously, this has to be in the top ten at least. It's so unplayable, not to mention that it came from Sega, not a third-party company, hacker or pirate. That fact alone makes it even worse because they could have done something with it.