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F/A-18 Hornet 3.0 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Creating the pilot profile. For MobyGames! :)
New pilot, no kills.
Setting graphics details to the maximum.
Default difficulty settings.
And the preferences, with the game's engine fps (set to 20) and available resolutions. If you want to quit, just press the "Quit" :P button.
Shall we practice before going into battle?
But before the flight, we should configure our weapons, even though we won't need them for the exercise.
And here we are, at the Hornet's cockpit. Some of the labels I recognize, but most of them...
Hold on for a while, because another jet is approaching. We don't want to start a mess already, don't we?
The other jet stops there and I think the guy stops there forever. Another one is seen landing.
Pressing the key "2" allows you to see the full cockpit controls.
Pressing the "3" key makes the camera do a flyby targeting your aircraft.
And there is also a key (6) for the watch tower.
Ooops... I pressed the eject key. Now you know what it does =P
Starting the take off. Seems someone is not correctly aligned for the landing!
Taking off! At about 138 MPH the Hornet's pitch gets up.
Looking back, there is the runway.
Watching the harbor. All ships around seem to be oil tankers.
My lovely missiles, ready to be fired when I find the "firing" key...
As most simulators nowadays, doing some aerobatic maneuvers may flow more blood to your head.
Bye Honolulu!
Where am I? Thank heaven the HUD has a map.