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SEGA (Sep 25, 2008)
There are not many games where you play as a fireman, but this is probably one of the few that Sega has done. I know there are some firemen games on Playstation 2, Xbox or any other new console and most of them are pretty bad, but this one is actually playable. You can enjoy it, and it's not impossible without cheating. So if you just want to play the game, buy the U.S. version, as the European and Japanese versions are very, very hard to find. But if you see this one at a flea market for a good price, go for it!
SEGA CDGamePro (US) (Jun, 1995)
If you're looking for an intriguing good time, look to Fahrenheit. It's increasingly tense strategy scenarios and top-notch sounds and graphics make it a four alarm game. Fahrenheit cooks.
SEGA 32XGamePro (US) (Jul, 1995)
You do have to think you way out of tight jams, though. Those jams grow more intense on the Hard setting, where you have more decisions to make. It's that strategy, compelled with hot visuals and sounds, that burns Fahrenheit into your memory.
SEGA CDMega Play Magazine (Jun, 1995)
Fahrenheit gives everyone a chance to feel what it's like to be a firefighter. The video quality is improving these days and more options are available to you, but there really isn't much replay value here.
SEGA CDJust Games Retro (Jan 17, 2003)
The developers of this game have really found something that works, and they mostly accomplish what they've set out to do - create an engaging and immersing interactive experience in a world you're not likely to see (unless you professionally fight fires). If you can find it, and want to try an interactive movie that won't make you bow your head in shame, this is a good one to try.
SEGA 32XGame Zero (Sep, 2000)
All in all, if you can find this game cheap (like a couple of bucks), and you can dig up a walk-through, then this game might not be to bad to play through to see the whole thing. But, if you don't have a couple of hours to throw away on something like this, then I would say pass it up.
SEGA 32XRetro Game Reviews (Mar 26, 2018)
Fahrenheit is a great concept, but the FMV mixed with limited input options replace would-be action scenes with trial-and-error and careless meandering. In truth, there's really not much for the player to do in all three missions, and if you're looking for a more accomplished firefighting game try The Firemen (1994, SNES) instead.
SEGA (Nov 01, 2010)
Fahrenheit as a whole isn't a complete waste, but it's just not worth the effort on the 32X. You can check out the review of the Sega CD version here, and that's the version to stick with. Though I didn't hate it, I didn't have that much fun with it overall, and to top that off the 32X CD version is just way too much effort and trouble to get running. For those reasons it gets a great bit pass for me!
Your thumb won't get sore from playing and you may be mildly entertained, but there's no heat here. Fahrenheit just fizzles. If you're looking for a good FMV game, pick up Corpse Killer from Digital Pictures, the story is excellent and you get to shoot zombies. 'Nuff said.
SEGA CDMega Fun (Oct, 1995)
Habt Ihr die ersten Schritte in das Flammenmeer getan, wird die eigentliche Gefahr von Fahrenheit recht schnell deutlich: nicht mit der roten Glut gilt es fertig zu werden, sondern mit dem superkonfusen Spielprinzip. Stürmt Ihr in einen Raum, werft Ihr zunächst einen Blick in die Runde und könnt dann In eine Richtung laufen. Leider verliert Ihr aber allzu leicht den Überblick, da Euer Hero, wenn Ihr zu lange braucht, von alleine oder in die falsche Richtung losrennt. Ich kann jedem nur raten, Fahrenheit links liegen zu lassen. Ihr verbrennt Euch sonst nur die Finger!
SEGA CDRetro Game Reviews (Mar 28, 2018)
Fahrenheit has some interesting ideas, but the FMV quality is terrible and in reality there's little to actually do thanks to the limited player interaction and mindless wandering. If you absolutely have to play this game choose the Sega 32X-CD version instead, as at least your eyes and ears will still function correctly afterwards!
If there is, by some small chance, someone out there who finds themselves enjoying FMV games (likely a masochist), this does qualify a manageable one. The replay value, with multiple difficulties that actually do change the game, make it somewhat more tolerable. That's only assuming you can stomach something like this for longer than 10-minutes.
SEGA 32XThe Video Game Critic (Jul 02, 2003)
The supporting cast of characters are downright irritating, like your chief who's always yelling at you, or the engineer named "Stinky" who loves to say inappropriate jokes when people's lives are at stake. Fahrenheit comes with both a regular Sega CD disk and a 32X version. The 32X version looks terrific, with vivid colors and full screen video. As for you regular Sega CD people, well, you're eyes are in for a world of hurt. As far as audio goes, this game is surprisingly poor in that regard. The dialogue was poorly recorded and is hard to understand. There's also a theme song that plays during the title screen, and it's almost as embarrassing as the one in Night Trap. Check out these sizzling lyrics: "Feel the heat... of the fire". Fahrenheit is a lousy game, and only players fascinated by firefighting will be the least bit interested in it.
SEGA 32XDefunct Games (May 28, 2006)
I may have quit, but I did however play more then enough to tell you to avoid this game completely. Nothing in this game is even close to acceptable; the game play, the video, the acting, everything, it all sucks. This is with out a doubt the worst game I have ever played. For the love of all that is good, do not play this game!