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Flexible role-playing in all its glory Windows Oleg Roschin (181731)
Unlike most sequels, truly better than the original - although with continuity and maturity problems Windows weregamer (169)
There's a difference between bigger and better Windows plumifrons (98)
Better game mechanics than the original, but not quite as "edgy" Windows Mirrorshades2k (282)
A fantastic and detailed adventure through a post-nuke world ripe for tons of role-playing. Windows George Shannon (115)
GREAT RPG; blood, guts, more guts and blood and even RPGing!!! Windows StorytellerShannon (19)
Just like Fallout 1, but... bigger. Windows Vaelor (381)
Beware of Faryen! The meanest dyke in the wastes!! Windows Zovni (10648)
In a word: disappointing. Windows Tomer Gabel (4646)
A Worthy Sequel! Windows mulayim (111)

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Platform Votes Score
Macintosh 14 3.6
Windows 271 4.2
Combined User Score 285 4.2

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WindowsLegendra (Oct 25, 2009)
Fallout 2 reprend parfaitement la recette du premier et s'impose également comme un incontournable avec son ambiance post apocalyptique et son humour décapant.
WindowsGameGenie (1998)
Finally, This game rocks in every category. Jeez I just keep getting these innovative games. Fallout2 has serious contention for the next RPG of the year. Interplay added the right touches and improvements. Fallout2 is worth every cent, I just wish I would stop dying all over the place hehe.
100 (Sep, 2002)
Fallout 2 c'est un truc énorme. Un jeu d'une profondeur, d'une richesse et d'une complexité ahurissante qui ravira les fans de RPG tout comme les néophytes en quête d'aventure, de vraie aventure. On pourrait étaler l'article sur 12 pages tellement il y a de choses à dire ; la finition de ce titre est absolument exceptionnelle, ce qui en fait un must-have dans la catégorie des RPG. À ne rater sous aucun prétexte.
WindowsJust Games Retro (May 09, 2006)
As you can infer from the title, this is the sequel to the much-ballyhooed Fallout. New locales exist to explore, a few new enemies, a LOT of new politics, and a handful of improvements to the system round out the package. If you're ready for a substantial amount of additional adventuring in the nuclear wastelands, you'll squeal with delight at what this game has to offer.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Sep 20, 2002)
Ah, if only Fallout 2 were indeed a new game. Still, its hard to feel bad when you finally get to play a game this great, one which blends combat with a great story, instead of just going for a triangle count so you can "fraggor" your "biznatches." If we could get Anthony Edwards to make a speech at the end, it'd be perfect.
WindowsESC Magazine (Nov 23, 1998)
Certain adventure games are spoken of with reverence because of the way they single-handedly shaped the genre in their own images, Zork being the grandpappy. Add Fallout 2 to the list.
WindowsGamePro (US) (Jan 01, 2000)
Few RPGs provide so deft a balance between the wandering monster-slaying and the NPC interaction phases of role-playing. Both elements are involving and demanding. Dialogue-tree conversations can seem a little repetitive when you're interviewing everyone in a town, but the development of the plot never seems forced and the game can actually be played in a very non-linear way.There's no pre-scripted course, and you can visit any location in any order. Assembling the puzzle pieces of information that lead you closer to the GECK doesn't rely on an established sequential chain; the discoveries come haphazardly and the game unfolds in different ways dependent on your choices.
WindowsJust RPG (Nov 09, 2002)
I loved the first Fallout game. I really, really did. The post-apocalyptic atmosphere was incredible, the gameplay was revolutionary, and it was as addictive as hell. So when Fallout 2 came out, I couldn't wait to get it. But could the success of Fallout 1 be repeated? The answer is yes.
WindowsGame Over Online (Nov 04, 1998)
In short, if it can be summed up in short, Fallout 2 is a worthy successor to Fallout 1, and for those who loved the original they're in for a whole new experience. Those who didn't like or even hated 1... I suggest you give 2 a chance, but if you truly, innately despised it (even though I fail to see why), then, well, it's truly your loss. In six words... Life in the Vault has changed.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Sep 03, 2002)
Fallout 2, while most certainly derivative, is only stealing from a proven, beautiful, well-done game, while adding a great deal after that. The innovations and additions to the engine make me wish that Fallouts original and 2 were two halves of the same game, using the Fallout 2 engine. (In fact, the only way this game could have been made better would have been to base the Fallout 2 game you play on the game you finished in Fallout.)
WindowsPelit (Dec, 1998)
Vuosi sitten ilmestynyt Fallout nousi saman tien tietokoneroolipelien kärkinimiin. Sen ilkeä poika on isäänsäkin synkempi ja poliittisesti epäkorrektimpi, täynnä paheita, väkivaltaa ja vahvaa kielenkäyttöä. Ja bugeja.
WindowsCD-Action (Jan, 1999)
A więc, w sumie Fallout 2 jest wspaniała kontynuacja części pierwszej, pod wieloma zaś względami bardzo ją przewyższa. Moim zdaniem autorzy postąpili dobrze, udoskonalając produkt który już spodobał się rzeszom graczy, zamiast bawić się w najróżniejsze eksperymenty, które mogły ogólne wrażenia popsuć.
WindowsGry OnLine (Dec 20, 2000)
Cóż, trzeba przyznać, że jak na swoje lata gierka wciąż prezentuje się znakomicie. Może nie oszałamia grafiką i muzyką, ale nie to jest w tego typu produkcjach najważniejsze. Po prostu Fallout 2 ma w sobie „to coś”, co przyciąga graczy na długie godziny przed monitory. Znakomity pomysł umieszczenia fabuły w świecie postnuklearnym, znaczny stopień rozbudowania ów świata i wcale niezgorsze wykonanie to wszystko czynniki, które zadecydowały o niewątpliwym sukcesie tej pozycji. Naprawdę polecam ja ze szczerym sercem każdemu. Ale uważaj, bo jeśli nie masz zbyt wiele czasu to możesz później żałować, że Fallouta 2 w ogóle uruchomiłeś – jest to jedna z tych gier, które wymagają totalnego zaangażowania.
WindowsPC Accelerator (Jan, 1999)
In the end, there are only minor imperfections in Fallout 2. This is a truly great role-playing game, a rare and beautiful thing.
WindowsPC Player (Denmark) (1998)
Det er ikke mindre end genialt at overføre elementer fra den klassike eventyrgenre, der normalt er hensat til middelalderlige verdener, til en beskidt og smadret fremtidsverden. Det bliver ikke meget bedre!
90 (Mar 17, 2005)
Fallout 2, est, vous l'aurez sans doute compris, la suite de Fallout, jeu de rôle post-apocalyptique qui connu un certain succès lors de sa sortie, il y a de cela bien longtemps. Les Fallout, sont, je le dis sans crainte, les meilleurs jeux de rôle PC existants à ce jour : scénario en béton, univers génial, système simple et efficace, très nombreuses quêtes, humour ravageur, graphismes agréables, musiques très prenantes, très bonne durée de vie...Le parfait jeu de rôle dans un monde mad-maxien, néamoins nettement moins glauque que le premier volet.
WindowsAllRPG (Jul 13, 2002)
Interplay has had a tough choice to make with Fallout 2. It was undecided if they would stick with the traditional Fallout engine from the original game, or upgrade it to take advantage of 3D acceleration that is becoming an expected feature in today's gaming industry. Interplay has been wise and will avoid 3D acceleration until they begin working on the third instalment. This has ensured gamers would have the sequel they've been awaiting only a little more than a year after the first hit the shelves.
WindowsQuandary (Aug 13, 2003)
Fallout 2 is a worthy successor to Fallout, and one that deserves a place in every dedicated role-playing gamer's collection. Don't be without it!
WindowsElectric Playground (Apr 24, 2004)
Fallout 2 confirms that RPG lovers have a new series to play, replay, and to eagerly await the next installment of.
WindowsPC Gamer (Feb, 1999)
Is Fallout 2 worth it? Definitely. From top to bottom, all of the best parts of the original game have returned for the better, and the deeper story line, flexible playing style, and attention to character development will undoubtedly leave roleplaying fans grinning from ear to ear.
WindowsGamezilla (Apr 23, 1999)
If you played and enjoyed Fallout, Fallout 2 is a must-have. If you were lukewarm about the original, you may want to give it a shot anyway, because the game world is greatly expanded. For those who have not played Fallout, I would say try the original first. You’ll get more enjoyment out of Fallout 2 knowing the history of the series, although you certainly need not play the original to play or enjoy this sequel. One final caveat: if you buy Fallout 2, patch it before you play or suffer the consequences. Despite its glitches, Fallout 2 is good enough to earn a score of 89 from this reviewer -- 92 if you patch it before playing.
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer (Dec, 1998)
Fallout 2 må vara byggt på samma motor som föregångaren, och det må kännas lite gammalt rent grafiskt, men spelkänslan och atmosfären är enorm.
WindowsImperium Gier (Oct 10, 2000)
Prawdziwi fani eRPeGów z pewnością już siedzą przy Falloucie 2 . Nie ma się im co dziwić, to wspaniała gra, nie ustępująca oryginałowi, a nawet go przewyższająca. Czy jednak F2 jest w stanie przyciągnąć graczy lubujących się w fpp czy szachach? Myślę, że tak. W końcu każdy lubi dobre gry. Mógłbym tu nawet napisać, że gwarantuję Wam dobrą zabawę, ale... to za bardzo zakrawa na jakąś tandetną reklamę proszku do prania majtasów z malutkim napisem na opakowaniu "Satysfakcja gwarantowana". Ja stawiam 9/10, czyli bardzo dobrą ocenę. Zabrakło niewiele, by uznać ją za znakomitą... Ale to chyba kwesta gatunku.
MacintoshIGN (Aug 01, 2002)
Head back to the wasteland and save your people
WindowsIGN (Nov 13, 1998)
It's a lot like its predecessor, but who says that's a bad thing?
WindowsGameSpot (Dec 09, 1998)
The core elements of 1997's best role-playing game are intact and, in several ways, have been improved.
85 (1998)
Zum Liebhaben. Installieren und sich drin verlieren. Mehr Städte, mehr Dörfer, mehr Karavanen, mehr Waffen - mehr von allem!
WindowsFreak (Jan, 1999)
אהבתי את המשחק. אולי כמו טמבל, לא נתתי לבאגים להפריע לי, כך גם לא לאופי הקצת מיושן של המשחק. זהו משחק טוב, שיכול היה להיות הרבה יותר טוב, וזה באמת מאכזב. סיפור נהדר וחידות טובות אינן הכל...
MacintoshMac Gamer (Aug 21, 2002)
I liked playing through Fallout 2 about as much as I enjoyed playing through the first one. If you can get past the dated graphics, average sound and instability you'll find a very deep and open-ended role-playing game. If you just aren't as taken with Fallout as I am, you might want to wait for a patch. The occasional crash is forgivable, but crashing at the end is a mortal sin.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Dec, 1998)
Fallout 2 liegt ein ausgezeichnetes Regelwerk zugrunde, das "G.U.R.P.S." ähnelt. So macht schon die Charakterentwicklung Spaß, und jede bezwungene Stufe wird zu einem wahren Freudenfest. Die Kämpfe sind intelligent und erfordern weit mehr Taktik als die hirnlosen Mausschändungen, bekannt aus "Might and Magic 6" oder "Diablo". Wenn auch gegenüber dem Vorgänger nur marginale Modifikationen vorgenommen wurden, so deckt Interplay damit doch die wichtigsten Bereiche ab, nämlich das Dialogsystem, die Quests und die NPC-Steuerung. Erfreulich auch, daß der klassische 50er-Jahre-Touch beibehalten wurde, welcher den Zwischensequenzen die liebenswerte Verschrobenheit von Terry-Gilliam-Filmen verleiht. Das dickste Lob verdienen die Designer für ihren Humor.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Nov 30, 1998)
Als bij al is dit spel nog steeds een pareltje, maar we kunnen eigenlijk toch niet echt van een vernieuwing van Fallout spreken, eerder van een goede uitbreiding op het origineel.
WindowsRPGFan (Apr 10, 1999)
In the end, though, Interplay accomplished their goal of fixing many of Fallout's problems. The game is very entertaining, and lasts a long time. It is rare for an RPG to allow so many paths to complete it. Regardless of what skills you select for your character, it is possible to win quite well if you use them correctly. It is that flexibility that is Fallout 2's greatest strength, and the reason it is one of the better PC RPGs on the market. The play's the thing, and the reason the rest of the game's faults may largely be overlooked.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Dec, 1998)
Ganz schön kaltschnäuzig, einfach das alte Programm mit neuem Szenario noch mal zu veröffentlichen! Viel stärker als die veraltete Grafik stören mich die vielen kleinen Unzulänglichkeiten, vor allem bei Quests und Unterhaltungen. Doch noch während ich mich über solche Mängel ärgere, spiele ich weiter: Es muß doch irgendwo noch 7,62er Munition für mein MG geben! Spätestens dann, wenn die in Teil 1 schier unbesiegbare Bruderschaft des Stahls Sie bittet, die noch viel gefährlichere »Enklave« auszuspionieren, wird das eigene Schlafbedürfnis unwichtig. Die spannenden Dauerkämpfe sowie der Showdown einige Seemeilen westlich von San Francisco entschädigen für viele Nerv-Details. Wenn Sie schon Teil 1 mochten, sollten Sie auf jeden Fall zugreifen.
WindowsGame Revolution (Feb 01, 1999)
Despite these problems, Fallout 2 is highly addictive. The warm, fuzzy, post-apocalyptic world has all the little details and exactly the right tone. The immersive story has kept me up until the wee hours of the morn on many occasions. And finally, if you aren't convinced to buy it yet, Fallout 2 simply has the best opening movie of any game, ever. Now if only I had a telepathic dog and a disposable girlfriend…
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Dec, 1998)
Fallout 2 ist irgendwie wie Tomb Raider 3. Beide folgen einem grandiosen Vorgänger, bereiten reichlich Spielspaß, bieten aber selbst keine echten Neuerungen. Mir hat der erneute Ausflug in die Endzeit jedenfalls viel Vergnügen bereitet - und ich glaube, so wird es jedem begeisterten Fallout-Spieler ergehen. Schwierig wird die Kaufentscheidung allenfalls für Leute, die den ersten Teil nicht kennen, da sich die Designer mit kleinen Hinweisen darauf keineswegs zurückhielten. Mein Tip: Fallout 1 günstig als Budget-Spiel kaufen und gleich anschließend den Nachfolger durchzocken. Dann gibt‘s auch keine Verständnisprobleme.
WindowsPC Joker (Dec, 1998)
Für mich zählt der Oldie „Wasteland“ immer noch zu den besten Rollies aller Zeiten, und auch der Quasi-Nachfolger „Fallout“ hat mich etliche Nächte gekostet. Diesmal hielt sich der Guarana-Effekt aber in Grenzen: Fallout 2 bietet kaum Neues, dafür Testpassagen satt. Dennoch sind High-Tech-Waffen und ein schaurig-schönes Endzeitszenario im Genre viel zu selten, als daß ich meine „Desert Eagle“ kampflos wieder zurück ins Halfter stecken würde!
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Feb, 1999)
Overall, FALLOUT 2 leaves me with very mixed feelings. Most of the important elements of the first game are here. This one is bigger, it’s still real role-playing, and some of the sub- quests are fascinating little gems of design. But the lack of creativity and the unrealistic increase of random encounters take away from the enjoyment of the game. For all its flaws, however, FALLOUT 2 is still one of the best RPGs on the market—and that says something about these lean times.
WindowsAttack Games (Feb, 1999)
Du som gillade Fallout blir knappast besviken på Fallout 2. Vänta dig dock inga stora nyheter. Tvåan liknar mer ett nytt scenario än ett helt nytt spel.
WindowsPower Play (Oct, 1998)
Obwohl oder gerade weil sich wenig zum Vorgänger geändert hat, nimmt mich die Fallout-2-Atmosphäre sofort wieder gefangen. Die unheimlichen Hintergrundgeräusche und das beklemmend-realistische Szenario versorgt einen gerade nachts mit kribbelnden Nackenhaaren. Aufgelockert wird diese unheilvolle Stimmung durch Gags, die sich unter anderem im Bordell von Klamath oder beim Sex-Intermezzo mit der schönen Wirtin im Handelsflecken ergeben.
MacintoshMac Addict (Feb, 2003)
Our advice: Skip that overpriced movie this weekend and get yourself a copy of Fallout 2--it's the best $30 you can spend on entertainment.
WindowsPower Unlimited (Sep, 1998)
Behalve een paar subtiele veranderingen en toevoegingen, ziet dit spel er precies hetzelfde uit als de eerste versie. Hoewel ik Fallout 1 erg leuk vond, heb ik niet het gevoel dat ik 't nou zo leuk vond om het weer helemaal overnieuw te spelen. Maar voor de echte die-hard Fallout-fan die wel meer wil, ga je gang!
80 (Jan 01, 1999)
Bref Fallout 2 est un jeu prenant, à la réalisation malheureusement un peu bâclée. Il aurait pu être exceptionnel, il n'est "que" bon. Mais qui plaira surement à tous les amateurs d'ambiance futuriste, avec son atmosphère pessimiste et son scénario complexe.
WindowsGamesFirst! (Jan 01, 1999)
I believe that this game may become a classic, and is certainly a must-play for anyone with an interest in RPGs. I would even suggest it as a great game for mature beginners who want to delve into the intricacies of role-playing. Fallout was considered by many to be the best RPG of 1997, in the midst of an RPG wasteland. It remains to be seen whether Fallout 2 can take the same honors this year, as the field no longer lays fallow. However, I would be very surprised if any game other than Baldur’s Gate (also an Interplay product) could triumph against such an impressive role playing experience as Fallout 2.
WindowsAceGamez (May 09, 2003)
In 1998 Fallout 2 was an indubitable classic. Despite its shortcomings and aged state, I'd argue that it still is. Almost all the standards it set have been surpassed by recent titles but lets not forget that this is one of the revered grandparents of the genre and is an extremely competent game in its own right. You'll soon forgive the hair-tearingly obscure puzzles, the vertical learning curve and the aged graphics. You'll be sucked into the virtual world of Fallout and become immersed in its enticing plot, succumbing to its unique charm. But learn from me, once this game has you firmly in its grasp it won't let you go. So tread cautiously.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Dec 10, 1998)
I liked the first one and I like this one. However, the last twelve months have seen the standard raised a bit, and technically speaking Fallout 2 has fallen a little behind, but not far enough that it's still not a worthy play. Fallout 2 gives us more of everything we had last year, a lot more. However, in the end this year's post-apocalyptic nuclear Christmas experience won't be as good as it was last year.
WindowsGénération 4 (Dec, 1998)
Bref, un excellent jeu de rôle, malgré une réalisation un peu dépassée et des chargements intempestifs qui obligent à effectuer une installation complète.