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Fantastic 4 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title/menu screen.

Windows version

Once installed the following screen is displayed.
These are the extras that are supplied with the game. Bio gives a brief biography of each character, Song plays the character's theme tune, and Comics gives access to digitised comics
An example of a character's biography
The comics that the player can read
The game's load screen
The game is keyboard controlled
The main menu
Configuring the first mission
There is a very, very long cinematic introductory video sequence which starts with the four fighting Dr Doom. It then goes back in time to the team in space and what went wrong.
Part way through the introductory video sequence there is a game element. In all game sequences there are F4 tokens to be collected, these unlock certain game features.
Each character is associated with a different colour. For this guy, who later becomes the Hulk, the colour is yellow. In this case he has to get to the yellow spot in order to turn on the shields
Lots of pretty explosions. When the shields have all been fixed the video sequence resumes.
The end of the first mission.
The second mission is taken by Elastic Man / Reed. It starts with a short video sequence as he regains consciousness and after that he's on the offensive
One of Reed's special skills is hacking computer terminals. First he gets onto the blue spot, then an action key triggers a mini game
This is the mini game that opens the door. Keyboard controls are used to manipulate the rings into a specific sequence.
Opening the door has alerted the security robots. These early ones are not so tough
Mission objectives can be examined at any time. These are the objectives for mission 2
The game has just three save slots. These are named automatically