Fast Food Tycoon 2 Credits

Ungrouped Credits

Game DesignHans-Arno Wegner
Executive ProducerHans-Arno Wegner, Mathias Reichert
ManualHans-Arno Wegner, Harald Evers (Weltenschmiede - Simbach am Inn)
German voice recording atToneworx ‑ Hamburg
French, Italian and Spanish voice recording atVirgin Interactive UK
All other voice recording atAllInTheGame Ltd.
English ManualHarald Evers (Weltenschmiede - Simbach am Inn)
Special ThanksAlias/Westfront, Harald Simon, Lüder Lückel, Birgit, Sabrina


Lead ProgrammerMichael Kriegel, Ralf Mohmeyer
Senior ProgrammerCarsten Stolpmann
ProgrammerChristian Bohnebuck

3D Artists

Lead ArtistDirk Bialluch
Senior ArtistAndre Schneider
ArtistMarco Windrich, Carla Heinzel, Pierre Grage

2D Artists

Senior ArtistFrank Ilfrich, Oliver Papoulias
ArtistDaniel Korte
IllustrationsChristian Pollege


Sound DesignerAlexander Knorr


QA LeadPaul Guillaumon
QAPan Schröder, Kjell Nolzen
TestingStefan Behrens, Marten Wriedt, Sebastian Schumacher, Thorben Amann, Lennart Meier, Benjamin Regorz


Art DesignerChristiane Günther
EditoringFabian Knecht


Olaf Weiland, André Schulz

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Credits for this game were contributed by Wizo (29551)