Advertising Blurbs

UK Back Cover:
    Perhaps walking through a gloomy haunted mansion where several horrific murders took place doesn't sound so terrible to you?

    Ok, then imagine that you will be facing darkness and a host of tormented supernatural creatures, not as a super hero equipped with powerful weapons but as a vulnerable college girl with only a camera at her side....

    A fear-filled atmosphere full of ghosts and spirits waiting to drag you screaming to your death.

    Incredibly atmospheric sound fx and detailed graphical environments.

    Feel your character's heart beat through the vibration of the analog controller DUALSHOCK®2.

    And upgradeable camera "weapon" that is the only thing standing between you and the horrors of the past.

    Contributed by Daedolon (5183) on Jun 22, 2004.

Back Of Box (U.S./Canada):
    Unravel the mystery...

    Based on a true story, Fatal Frame is a survival horror game which immerses players in a world full of supernatural spirits and mind-numbing terror. Guided by her uncanny sixth sense and armed only with an antique camera, Miku sets out to solve the mystery of her brother's disappearance. As the story unfolds, she discovers ominous details about the Himuro mansion's troubled past. The property and surrounding area have a dark history involving grisly murders, an evil cult, and restless spirits. This very realistic survival horror game will shock you, and the constant feeling of terror will keep you up at night.


    • Revolutionary ARNIS Audio Technology:
      Experience the thrills of surround sound without the expensive 5.1 speaker setup.
    • Original Battle Mechanics:
      Miku combats spirits by sealing their souls in an antique, supernatural camera.
    • Frightening Game Atmosphere:
      Unsettling environmental sounds, mumbling ghost chants, and a shocking story line all add up to one of the scariest gameplay experiences on the PlayStation 2 Computer Entertainment System
    • Force Feedback User Interaction:
      Feel Miku's heartbeat quicken in the palm of your hand, as the controller shakes when tension mounts or ghosts approach.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9551) on Mar 14, 2002.