Fatal Frame Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

The moon glows ominously over...
... Fatal Frame! (True being relative)
The elder brother
Map screen
Film is strewn about this decrepit mansion.
Evil omen? Bad night?
Save points are blue cameras.
Finding a notebook.
Instead of reading it we see the horrible fate of its penner.
Being attacked by a ghost.
A successful capture
Shuffling through the photo album.
Camera instructions
Walking down a corridor.
Looking into a mirror. About the last we see of him for the moment.
Enter the younger sister.
Really, you should find people who have better things to do than strangle themselves to hang out with.
Finding your brothers camera... and a little something extra.
Strange things start appearing and vanishing at the peripheries...
In the mirror...
Certain anomalies will have explanations if photographed.
The camera can reveal hidden truths.
30 Damage, nice shot!
Investigating the mansion.
Pictures of stranger things get you more points.